Travis Scott - 90210
6d ago
Second best trap song ever behind Codeine Crazy. Absolute perfection in terms of production, extremely atmospheric. Easily the best song sound-wise in the whole of 2015
6d ago
For me it is the best trap song ever created
6d ago
Where is the travis scott burger and can you help me find it
6d ago
@eliiscool5 mate depends on your country my country doesnt even sell beef burgers so we'll never get the travy meal
6d ago
@Pickle no way, codeine crazy is the pinnacle of modern rap music imo. With someone like travis you expect him to have atleast one of the best songs of the decade but future? that's really cool.
90210 is produced amazingly and the vocals are cool too but lyrically most of it is just drugs drugs drugs but not from a struggling standpoint. Codeine Crazy is talking about how fame and addiction ruined future's life. The standout bar on this song is "I can never see a tear fall, water on me like a faucet" Which is the deepest line I've heard from a mumble/trap rapper in ages. As you probably know, water on me like a faucet means having drip with diamonds, symbolising fame. On the same track he mentions how his ex ciara told him he didnt care about her because fame had got to him. But hearing her say this he is crying, but he mocks her statement agreeing how the drip/fame on him blinded him while it actually didnt. It doesn't seem deep, but the inner meanings on this track are insane.
6d ago
also 90210 has a trap rapper the instrumental isn't trap
6d ago
another thing he meant with that line is how his tears blend in with the drip, because it is all liquid (figuratively)
6d ago
Take it back and take a look at yourself
Take the lesson, put it all in the air
Too many days gone by
Sittin' by the phone, waitin' 'til I reply
Drying my eyes, believe it or not
I could never see a tear fallin'
Water drippin' on me like a faucet
I just took a bitch to eat at Chipotle
Spent another sixty thousand on a Rollie

Again, he claims she was wrong for thinking he didnt care about her.
The last two lines are also complex to break down, although it sounds shitty.
He's saying he doesn't really care about love anymore so he took a girl to eat at a rather economical joint, instead he's quitting simping and he drops all his cash on something like a luxury watch
6d ago
Fuck the fame, I'm sipping lean when I'm driving
All this cash and it ain't nowhere to hide it
I'm an addict and I can't even hide it
Don't you panic, panoramic companion
They was tryna serve me at the arraignment
Never comment on it, never complaining
I'm taking everything that come with these millions
I'm taking everything that come with my children
Yeah, yeah

This dude really embraced fatherhood here
6d ago
ok im literally spamming myself but what im saying is, codeine crazy got me into hip-hop as a child (im not even lying) and no one knows about it
5d ago
@TomBejoy Everyone has different music opinions and it's okay
5d ago
@Pickle fr bruh, im just saying i personally think 90210 isnt really trap enough
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