Death Grips - On GP
Jan 5, 2021
TW: Death

my alter ego Stygian's name is pronounced Stai-jen, the last part being Jen, and the tape this track comes from is named Jenny Death, so this confirms the speculation that I was the substitute drummer for Zach Hill on this track, and it wouldn't have been as good without then 11-year-old me contributing ever so much to its creation.

Snapback to reality and this is one of the greatest pieces of music known to mankind. Yes, it's far from the best track of all time, but it's not too far off and is certainly up there with your beloved classics.

As soon as you apply every single filter on this site's singles page, it filters out to the decades greatest songs. There's a varying catalogue of music up there, but almost every single one carries a truckload of Emotion. For example, the now-ubiquitous Beach Life In Death, a 13-minute long saga that plays with parts of your brain as you realize this is the break down of a 17-year-old's life.

The original BLID from 2011 was written in the context of Will Toledo being in the back of his own car, self-producing and writing the whole thing as an exceptionally talented teenager. It was from the perspective of the same phase from which the song was in his life. But unlike BLID and BLID Remastered (2018), On GP has the added emotional layer of it most likely being a previous account of MC Ride (Stefan Burnett)'s life before he became a part of the revelation in modern music that is Death Grips. Lines that allude to this include the certain passage where MC Ride, more like "Stefan" in the light of this song, talking about a pestering neighbor during his phase of depression, likely to be his bandmate or a metaphor to the group's fandom.

Take into account that unlike their kawaii counterpart Kero Kero Bonito, who even made a set of songs about loving their fandom, Death Grips as a unit isn't too fond of its own fanbase. No that isn't ungrateful of them, the Death Grips fans are just a bunch of meme mongers who listen to Death Grips for the glitchy and unique production choices, and they bat a blind eye to the lyrical quality of Stefan's writing. MC Ride's vocals are definitely a grower and don't captivate everyone the same they are to some, and due to this factor, I see a lot of people writing the group off as a whole before paying attention as to how solid of a songwriter he is. However, it's this track, a single so overblown and candid that you literally feel one with the flesh of the performer.

On GP is a surprisingly eerie account of Ride aka Stefan perpetuating his death. The references to suicide are evident, like when he mentions that his "body's survival is in his own hands"

Or talking about his final purchase being an old black rope. It's eerie and bone-chilling. Without a lyric sheet in your hand, On GP still comes out on top, prevailing as a noise rock magnum opus with a whole list of features to make it a classic in my books. Yet this isn't off their Runway project, this is from The Powers That B/Jenny Death. So it's Ride's verses that serve as the cherry on the top here.

On GP sees the character of MC Ride, the figure of doom and murderous yet hardcore rap verses about anything under the sun, sometimes haunting and sometimes political too, expose us to who he is, minus the character. Yes, the vocals are characteristic MC Ride, however, the lyrics are what matter. It's a journal to a commonly misunderstood artist's life behind the scenes. It's extremely depressing yet unbelievably catchy and at this point, I cannot stress it enough that I'm addicted to this song for no possible reason. It's no pop banger, it's a song that depicts his triumph over such tendencies, and also a gloomier time when he almost took himself.

The writing is ever so immaculate, it encompasses more emotion than it needs to at times. Sometimes, it might fuel the listener into depression, yet it's also surprisingly a victory anthem, saying it was street cred, and his family that kept away from taking that one drastic decision. The lyrics are lined with a set of metaphors too.

"I'm fucking tired of all the perks
I've tried nothing, everything works
For less I'm worth, I've served my bid
All fuck life wasn't what it is
All fuck life was just a bridge
I seen some free landed some tricks
Far I see high time man quit
Won't let you know when I get goin'
Phone ring too long"

Within a visually simplistic set of opening lyrics, Stefan tells us exactly what's wrong with him in the perspective of the track. He's tired of all his blessings, he's tired of "percs", the use of which is not directly conveyed here, but the fact that not even drugs could do miracle work on his state shows us exactly what we're dealing with. That this is not your average Death Grips banger, instead, it's a melancholy tear down of how someone we see as an entertainer can be ever so weakened inside. Not a demon, but a flower, a weared down flower.

Notice the take on the bridge line, drawing in the fact that life is a bridge, and also life can be decided by a bridge, you know what I'm talking about.

He declares that he's looking forward to life after death instead, and that the ringtone jingles of his family ringing up would be his final swan song. It's just pain, all pain.

Around the 1 minute and 30 seconds mark, the instrumental switches up to something more laidback, yet the lyrics get ever more daunting. A figure of doom chases him, and apparently muttered the line, and this figure that appears to him concludes with;

"Use at your discretion, it's been a pleasure, Stefan"

This marks one of the first times his legal name has been used in a DG track, and just shows you that he's broken character, and that the track is out of the perspective of what you'd first think it to be about. The track also goes out of the border of enjoyable at this point and turns horrifying to the average listener. All credit to the production as well, which embodies the hardcore nature of this certain emotion in the most perfect nature, but this is Ride's display of lyrical prowess and his song in general. He takes center stage, and then suddenly quits out on all the sad talk for something a tad more triumphant.

He claims he got his way, and that he's learned to live with his tendencies and find new reasons to vouch on for.

"Don't you worry, impossible for anything to be a big deal
I'm in no weary, my vital post-dated but clearly been ages since life had appeal
Far more than fascination, my second nature chant "kill 'cause I can"
This body by my own hands
My friends and family won't understand
So I stay in the end, don't make none to me
If wasn't for them, I'd make that decision on GP"

As the track draws to a close, Ride marks that there are certain things that keep him on this planet, most certainly his friends and family. He lives on for them, and only for them. He doesn't care about himself in any way, shape or form, but he's moving on from the past and this reflects the mental state of everyone who once went through depression, but stood the winds of time and lived long enough to put their stories out in the open. It's absolutely brilliant in every way possible and it also says a lot about a commonly misunderstood musical outfit. All Hail On GP.
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