Ronald Reagan - Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine
Jan 4, 2021
Owo reagan senpai tommy here rawr!

If we're at a party and someone plays this then I'm gonna beat them with my fists and bury them alive then fly out to Ronald Reagan International Airport and vandalize the whole place then die in a shootout with the New York state police department on the way back home yet respawn because that's what Kid Cudi told me to do so I'll do just that.

And maybe you could make an excuse saying I'm still guilty of murder and I won't listen just like I didn't listen to Ronald Reagans supposedly acclaimed single because it's still gonna be underproduced like most president records to be honest, so I'll stand myself for the next election and win back the territory us redditors lost when they disqualified Deez Nuts. I know this is rather political but I'm not gonna apologize because as an American citizen I have the right to freedom of speech.

Ok, edit, so now I listened to it and it's bad but it isn't as horrid as y'all are making it out to be. It uses the same instrumental as XXXTentacion used for his cypher in 2017, not a bad instrumental to be dead honest. Also, Reagan's flow is pretty solid but it's the bars and his god-awful voice that's the deal-breaker for me. Pretty bad song in total, rather monotone in nature and almost lifeless on the mastering side just like Reagan in 2020.

Still, Reagan would be a better artist to root for musically if he sorted out the mixing issues, used more pitch correction, and found a better production team. Just wasted potential in general, just like the potential we Americans waste every day by not having me at the helm of the country as the honored president. Tomboy2044
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