Juice WRLD - Legends Never Die
Oct 22, 2020 (updated Oct 23, 2020)
Strong 6 to a Light 7

I don't want to be disrespectful or rude, hence the rating, but I honestly did not find this album enjoyable at all. It falls every now and then lyrically and the songs offer little to no variation or versatility for an artist who could pull off gritty rapping and melodic trap simultaneously. However, at the crux of it, it's a pretty good send-off for a young man with a ton of potential just washed down the drain. Pity.

Where Juice reigns in terms of originality. It's obvious that the poor dude worked on the sound aspects more than some other melodic trap rappers do. And LND is just a testament to it. Most of his sound is rather unique, there's something special about every vocal line he delivers, and his selection of depressing, and mellow trap beats that have soared in popularity since Juice first popped up on the scene.

Of course, we start off with a corny skit. While it is really cute considering how much of a nice guy Juice was when he was around, it's just a snippet he'd never put on an album.

Conversations is woven around a sample from The Weeknd's gone. What's funny is the Weeknd himself featured on a bonus track for LND, which I found rather disappointing too. Conversations starts the album off on a high. The lyrics are mediocre af, and as usual, Juice writes nothing noteworthy. It's hilarious considering this man had so much lyrical potential the way he could go on freestyling. But the sample and instrumental fucking slaps and is probably one of the best trap beats this year.

Again, it does all seem personal and it does play out like what he would've wanted. Titanic is slap certified.

Bad Energy and Blood On My Jeans are two of the albums BIG misfires. There's nothing remarkable or ceremonious about this and Juice remains paltry lyrically. While I do understand their freestyles/demos woven into a posthumous album, it sounds inexcusable too and he even has lines that sound like a 10-year-old wrote them. BOMJ and Life's A Mess is ruined by horribly mixed bass too. This just makes the LP look unpolished at the edges.

What the album's missteps don't take away from is the highlights. Righteous is one of the best songs I've heard all year. What a bittersweet single with so much emotional value, a simplistic yet beautiful instrumental, and a voice that speaks of pain and tragedy. It's perfection. And whenever Juice breaks out of the lazy writing, he drops very noteworthy lines.

Tell Me U Luv Me is a banger. It's not perfect, and the mixing is horrible on Juice's first verse but his second slaps and that's all. It's a happy moment despite its flaws.

More flaws come in as we go lower down the ranks. Who told Marshmello he was allowed on here? Come and Go is EDM-pop gutter trash.

But he does deliver a pretty soft and well laid out trap instrumental for the albums posse cut, Hate The Other Side. Laroi and Polo do their thing but they bring nothing much to the table, but Juice's hook is amazing nevertheless.

Life's A Mess features some bad mixing but a great hook, which is probably what carries this album for me. The next few songs are pretty mediocre, they offer nothing new. The little string segments at the end of every song are amazing though.

Fighting Demons is nice, but Wishing Well is the real highlight. Another well-done pop-rap cut that shows a lot of potential. Some smart lines, fun vocal lines, and more. The hook is executed flawlessly too.

More filler pursues with Can't Die and Up up and away. Eh.

Again without all of this filler, the album would've been better but some tracks are on here for the sake of being on here.

Man Of The Year is corny, but it's still good fun without substance. The same can be said with some of the filler, that I didn't bother to pay attention to due to how long in the tooth and boring things turned into. Can't Die is great though.

The outro is another gimmick to gather a bunch of Fortnite playing 11-year-olds to believe Juice is actually speaking from heaven.

Again, I do sound disrespectful but this album wasn't an enriching experience save for a few tracks. While all hooks stick well, the verses leave a lot to desire and I bet they could've dug up better ones from Juice's collection of recorded songs.

But RIP to a young man with loads of potential. I loved the dude for what he was and I respect his battle and his loss to his vices must be an example to the youth that substance abuse is real and it's ruining our young workforce. Don't do drugs kids.

Oct 22, 2020
I'm pretty sure that 'Blood on My Jeans' was added just because it was a fan favorite, also I'm surprised that you think that some of his lines are corny, I actually find them impressive cause almost everything is freestyled, although I understand that just cause it's freestyled doesn't mean it's good but I still feel like there's so much behind a single line in each of Juice WRLD's songs. Anyways, I really loved this review, one of my favorite reviews in a while! I also loved the album lol. :)
Oct 22, 2020
@Cry i think blood on my jeans and come and go are the worst tracks on here. It just comes off more childish than juice's original work. Probably means this was content he recorded when he was happier and like 18
Oct 24, 2020
@TomBejoy Completely agree, those two tracks are probably the worst, especially Come and Go is really,really bad
Oct 24, 2020
@Cry you should tweak your score if you dislike a track or two. I',m doing that rn that's why I have 91s and 92s now.
Oct 24, 2020
That's a good idea, I didn't like Titanic so I might change the score
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