Zayn - Nobody Is Listening
Jan 15, 2021

Oh my god he ate that!!! Imagine hating on matured zayn like you gotta be a raging racist man!!!!!! It dropped in India and it's so amazing I think it's the best album I have ever heard and I've only heard two but it's sooooooooooo good!. My oppar Zayn drops lovely vocals alongside very dramatic and sad guitar beats which i love with a passion! You guys are hating on this for the sake of hating, it's so good, why do you do this? Your making my heartbreak and I don't want to hear opinions from dudes named Chode, Elijah and Matt, because they are all racists because you can't dislike my zayn baby for no reason when he makes better music than your favorites. You probably listen to mumble rap and no longer appreciate real music made by industry. I was a directioner from when I was born and I went into serious depression when they concluded their band (yes I hear people saying they are not a band they are WRONG!!!!!) but then it was their amazing albums that made me so happy and zayn was always my bias so I am so happy he could make this album for his fans and not for you ugly ass critics and that bald guy who gave my queeen Ari a 5!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck those peopels In india we only listen to zayn malik because he is so cute he is so nice he is never rude like your metal artists Nickel back and Limp BizkiT!!! THEY only use curse and bad thigns about wamen and stuff and zayn only talks about his life and his fiance which is so cute and lvoely and this is why zayn is definitely one of the artists of all time i am marking all you hater's reviews as "mark as low quality" and I cant wait for you hater haters to get kick off site because you cant insultu zayn he is the best artist ever I LOVE Him zayn if you see this please come visit me me and my sister want tot gigve you a hug for making our lives better!1! Stream Nobody is Listening today!!!!
Jan 15, 2021
quavo quavo quavo quavo
Jan 15, 2021
fuck that matt guy
Jan 15, 2021
@MattsReviews yeah fuck him i hope he doesnt see this
Jan 15, 2021
@Basic_Garci you on top form my shooter (using black words to regain my melanin)
Jan 15, 2021
It’s because they all want Zayn bank account and life
Jan 15, 2021
@Lyla preach sis
Jan 15, 2021
quavo quavo quavo quavo
Jan 15, 2021
@Cry quaver quaver quaver quaver
Jan 15, 2021
@TomBejoy Potato Potato Potato Potato
Jan 15, 2021
@Cry if young metro don't trust you he gon shoot you
Jan 15, 2021
still underrated smh
Jan 16, 2021
@TomBejoy Metro Boomin want some more
Jan 16, 2021
Jan 16, 2021
@ConcreteCastles give me some
Jan 16, 2021
metro boomin make it boom😩
Jan 16, 2021
@Metrik_System Faxxx
Jan 16, 2021
1D nation approves of this review 👍 100% accurate and true 😎
Jan 17, 2021
Zayn more like Pain
Jan 17, 2021
Thanks for the laugh.
Jan 17, 2021
@treblafreeman well well well they voted me shitposter of the year swag
55m ago
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