Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open
Mar 5, 2021
Oh hell yes!, or maybe Yes Lawd!

Bruno Mars took the best career path possible. He garnered our interest with the funk of 24kMagic, an LP I find pretty damn solid, but then he went on a long-term indefinite hiatus, and comes back with one of the most underrated and finest names in R&B who I absolutely adore, making not just the best decision of his career, but also providing the fuel to get Andy's fine music to commercial ears a little more.

The instrumental by Bruno himself, coupled with D'Mile is the smoothest thing known to man, and the instrumental actually has a whole lot of interesting elements to keep it going all around.

The lyrics chemistry does enough to serenade anyone, which also seems like the goal of the track in its whole essence anyway, an ode to their significant others. Andy sets the tone, with a pretty charismatic verse, but then again, this man has the most drip on planet earth so I expected no less, but then when Bruno and the choir kick in, it's a rush of even more ecstasy.

The instrumental feels like a whole fairyland on its own, and the two vocalists work to their strengths and peak of their chemistry here. It's a smooth crossover between their two styles, and while my expectations for this joint were sky-high, this just launched it to the stratosphere. Bruno and Andy have the potential to drop the year's finest project, ending their hiatuses, and further solidifying their musical viability. It almost seems as fruitful of a collab as Kids See Ghosts was in nature.

Due to the song's "sonic" brilliance, it isn't necessary that the writing has to be top tier, however, the two artists are at the top of their game on this aspect as well.

Anderson obviously is the stronger writer of the two, but Bruno's given the hook authority, for the most part, so his writing doesn't need to stand out a whole lot. It's truly spectacular to see him work his voice to his limits, while Anderson gives him a solid sense of support in the form of a pair of strong verses, and Bruno works his voice to its highest register in the book, not to mention he's responsible for the production here.

So is this his artistic switch up? Maybe. Whatever, Silk Sonic assures two gifted vocalists working their powers to create something beautiful so far, so it's fingers crossed if they can keep the same amount of consistency across a whole project of full-length.

Like man, this is the collaboration we needed all along. This sounds like a fan-made crossover on paper, but in its full assurance, we have a Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak collaboration tape on the way. Just let that sink in. It's a perfectionist effort on all fronts, and I'm proud of the two artists in question for carrying on the quality we missed from them for a few years. Well maybe not much on Anderson's front as he has been delivering quality for quite a while at this point, and this caliber is expected from him, but it's pleasant to see a great guy like Bruno succeed at his endeavors on the flip-side as well.

It's a trip down memory lane for any young lad to see these two names in action, but when they make nostalgia invoking music it's truly the sight to see, or maybe, the sound to hear, isn't it? You tell me. It's groovy, it's romantic, it's beautiful, it's transcendent, and it lacks nothing on the musical or lyrical front. So I couldn't be spoilt enough to ask for anymore. This gets the checkmark for me, and it's a green light to get your expectations amped up to a hundred for this promised project. I regret saying 2021 is uninteresting musically in comparison to '20, because to be honest, it actually is. 2021 might be a positive stride for humanity, and the music industry, as we've already had pleasant news like the Vaccination to open up our year. Godspeed.

Beautifully said! <3
@musicalmarvell thank you so much for all the love and support 🤍
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