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Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Arguably the pinnacle of modern mainstream hip-hop, although it hasn't aged the best, and hence it divides crowds. But not me, most definitely. A million listens in, and this is still my favorite album to date. Maybe I'm not snobbish enough and my taste is inferior. but from the 1000 odd albums I've heard or got a whiff out this is the best to me.

Best Track: Devil In A New Dress (One of the greatest songs I've heard, and Rick Ross' finest performance to date)

Power (5000 hours, this is the Pyramids in musical form. Greatest MIke Dean outro to date)

Runaway (Sure, this song has grown off on me, but despite all it's musical lackings, it wins on the conceptual side, turning minimalism into maximalism)

Worst Track: Monster (The instrumental goes on for too long, Bon Iver gives it some necessary spice but not even Nicki Minaj's career defining verse can save this track from its slumber) (Still great though)
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak: Live at Hollywood Bowl
Kanye wears a sack on his head, gets shot at ten times, moans in autotune, calls up an orchestra, has a balloon behind him, gets applauded
Kanye West - Yeezus
so cute 🌸

Yeezus takes what made The Money Store good, strips it down a hundred times, makes it minimalist, gets a bunch of european dudes to work their magic on it, and lowkey establishes his biggest experimental opus of all time. Inspired from the minimalist artwork on display at the louvre, to the grimey roots of house, Yeezus is flawed and abrasive, but what an artistic statement. No popular rap artist has taken such a left-field turn after a genre defining project.

Best Track: I Am A God (Massive grower, attatched to the animated growls and screams, and Kanye's god complex evoking confidence, it might be rudimentary on the lyrical side, but it's definitely Kanye's best performance to date)

On Sight (Another track that grew on me with time. Daft Punk makes up for their Random Access Memories softening with some distorted synths made on synthesisers taller than Kanye and Guy-man for sure)

Worst Track: Send It Up (The instrumental goes absolutely nowhere till the end of Kanye's verse. Once again, it's still great)
Kanye West - The College Dropout
The College Dropout has Two Words. There's nothing else I can say.

But yes, TCD took the acclaimed producer to new heights, producing a collage of humble, relatable and soft hip-hop tracks produced impeccably well, yet simplistic at the same time. The Skits can overpower the album's flow though, which is the only thing not making this one of his best projects. Still, when it comes to outright fun, Kanye proves himself as the everyday man's rapper, while also testing his mettle as an artist. Through The Wire is an inspiring tale of overcoming a near death situation as well.

Best Tracks: Two Words (His most underrated track, period. Why is it not regarded on the same tier as MBDTF's content? Freeway lowkey ruins the party, but this is one of Kanye's best_

Never Let Me Down has three good verses from Jay-Z and Jay Ivy, but the real star of the show is the sample flip. One hell of a flip. And Kanye's bars about Left Eye, Aliyah and his own accident remain among his best

Worst Tracks: Breathe In Breathe Out is still good fun, but I couldn't care less for it
Kanye West - Late Registration
Late Registration lacks the replayability and fun of it's closely regarded counterparts, but it truly established Kanye's ambition as viable. From the grand, orchestral compositions to Jon Brion's direction only comparable to Jeff Bhasker on MBDTF, Late Registration has some of Kanye's finest works to date, but also has some slow burners that don't entice similarly, but everything on here hovers over the 90 range.

Best Track: Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Bonus Track (Fine, luxurious instrumental coupled to a James Bond sample and Kanye's metaphorical writing)

Worst Track: Gone (ft. Consequence and Cam'ron) (I despise this instrumental for some reason)
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
808s and Heartbreaks is surprisingly corny and inferior to it's other two renditions, but it is still a rather impressive piece of work considering it birthed a whole generation of music, pop, rap, and everything. Also it works really well live despite all the autotune.

Best Track: Pinnochio Story:

Worst Track: Nothing, because See You In My Nightmares is a beautiful abomination. Also Robocop sounds like the Frozen soundtrack in a good way
Kanye West - Late Orchestration
(Connected to Late Registration)

Of the bits and pieces I've heard, Kanye's Abbey Road performance has monster energy and beautiful composition, but the clarity of the recording is slightly mixed. The high score is simply warranted because they are Late Registration songs, but this doesn't mean I'm gonna listen to this over anything below it.

Best Song: Bring Me Down (Live)
Kanye West - Graduation
This was a recent grower, but Graduation is a pill of ecstacy. It's dumb fun, and it has two glaringly bad songs, but some songs on here are just impeccably produced pop-rap songs that will have an imprint on the industry forever. Many undertake it's influence in comparison to 808s and Heartbreaks.

Best Song: Everything I Am, which is another recent grower. This might be one of his most laidback and humble tracks ever, but the second half of Graduation is full of those. Their just something else, man.

Can't Tell Me Nothing, prominently featured in a Hangover film is the direct opposite of Everything I Am. Stadium directed drumming patterns that knock the hell out of you, and Kanye's charismatic and braggadocious attitude makes it's first proper appearance before MBDTF

Kanye West - ye
Here's the mega unpopular opinion. This album is relatable to me for reasons I will not disclose. Similar to what Time 'n' Place does to me emotionally. It's an odd, rough-edged bag of campy, personal Kanye songs that really show what was going through his mind during the 2018 antics and creative outburst. I prefer it to Kids See Ghosts as Kanye sounds more lively here as his KSG verses are lyrical, but inept flow wise. KSG has way better production, but sometimes the slightly more minimalist neo-soul approach of "ye" clicks too well.

Best Song: Wouldn't Leave: Ironic today, yet it's one of his most volatile songs ever. Beautifully produced and performed as well, as Kanye's most robust rapping off the whole album with the exception of Yikes is on here

Violent Crimes: While he had a co-writer here, the sentiment remains, as a song Violent Crimes is perfection
Kids See Ghosts - KIDS SEE GHOSTS
Kids See Ghosts is a beautiful look into the mental health. turmoil and victory of two influential and acclaimed rappers of the modern day. While this is less of a Kanye album, as a project this features some of the best production of the last decade. Also, Kid Cudi sounds the best he has in ages, and Kanye's best lyricism post-Saint Pablo. It has a little bit of filler though, and some hooks can get too repetitive for the regard it is held in.

Best Track: Cudi Montage, a Kurt Cobain sampling ode to gun violence and mental strength, mainly pondering upon the epistemology of loss. It does work quite a bit, and the outro with the spoken word is one of the best moments on any Kanye project.
Kanye West - Donda
DONDA's Universal triggered release was a further testament to Kanye losing his creative direction for the first time in forever.

However, the music is quite ambitiously unambitious. That sounds weird right? That's because Donda earns 20 brownie points over its ill-fated predecessor Jesus Is King for being the most non-conformist, simple and generic Kanye album ever. Songs like Off The Grid prove that the old man still has a place in the industry.

Kanye's worst song ever is on this album, but it also has one of his best. Something that Jesus Is King lacked. So, Donda pales in comparision to his other records because my score is bloated but it sets itself quite afar from less appealing Kanye collaborative records and Jesus Is King. Provided, you swap out Never Abandon Your Family for Tell The Vision, and put Cudi on remote. Cheers! <3

If the latter is counted, Life Of The Party and Come To Life are among his best, top 15

And the whole album is one hell of a listening experience.
Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

I find myself coming back here a little too often, but The Life Of Pablo is occasionally disjointed, inept lyrically at points, and the hideous autotune is a shadow of what Kanye could once cook up with the prized vocal effect. The Life Of Pablo is one of his best listening experiences as it is dumb fun at points, but it's flaws are very, very clear. About 10 of these songs don't require Kanye to be good, and that's sad. Sometimes Kanye even ruins his own tracks. But it is not devoid of his finest work at all, in fact some of his best tracks, objectively, are on here. Also his worst as well.

Best Tracks: You know it's Saint Pablo. Sampha sings his ass off, and Ye raps in a manner we've never seen him do before. If there were more of these on here Pablo would be his finest.

Worst Tracks: Pt.2

panda panda panda 🐼
Kanye West - Yandhi
If released, Yandhi would be quite possibly on Rodeo's level of being the finest trap project ever. in it's very rough state, it still has enough highlights to pull through, but I wouldn't listen to it frequently. Sometimes the rough abrasiveness gives it a Yeezus touch, but with Yandhi it's more of what it could've been than what we actually got.

best track: alien/space x, chakras
Kanye West - So Help Me God
Attached to TLOP.

Imagine if this came out, it might've been better than TLOP. But it's just a good demo of what became The Life Of Pablo, one of Kanye's most divisive records. Some of his best leaks ever are on here, check them out at your own discretion of quality control.
Kanye West - Good Fridays
These singles though. So much vision
Kanye West - VH1 Storytellers
Soft yeezy uwu

It's a mess and seems like a cluster of unfulfilled ideas but there are some moments of brilliance.
Kanye West - TurboGrafx 16
Very rudimentary and unfinished but the concept is fucking stellar
Kanye West - KanYe West Demo Beat Tape
(Ranked lower due to the lack of vocals and due to the score not being in relation to his other album rankings)

Lo-fi hip-hop to study to. Some of his best instrumentals pre-debut too. When he cranked this he felt like he was signed, and I don't blame him. Also it lowkey channels his inner DIlla. He could've done stuff like this if not for TCD.
Kanye West - Kanye West Presents Donda: The Livestream (August 26th)
Unpopular opinion: The mixing issues are rectified on this album, hence it is quite goated. However, the last ten minutes are objectively comfortable in a list of top ten Kanye moments, ever. That alone makes this a very fun experience, but I hate both Marilyn Manson and DaBaby and I really wish the power of god would let a brick fall on Manson's head.
Kanye West - Kanye West Presents Donda: The Livestream (August 5th)
The second Livestream was a sea of difference from the first, and not much afar from the third. However the visual grandeur was impeccable
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Watch the Throne
Watch The Throne is a collaboration between two billionaire heavyweights, but it doesn't have the focus towards lyricism you'd expect it to have. Sure, Kanye and a few other composers work their might around here, but a lot of the verses feel half-assed. But when it works, it does.

There are a few great tracks on here: H.A.M, New Day, Niceguys In Paris etc, but nothing I can put my finger on as one of his best. Quite the comeback to form for Jay, but a drop for Kanye. Thank god for 4:44 and Yeezus
Kanye West - Love Everyone
hahahah theres leaks from this that are indeed the memoirs of a psychopath. They aren't deranged mental outbursts, they are songs designed to ruin your career. It's kind of like an edgy phase but if it came a little late in your life.

uhh so what do i say? someone said xtcy, brothers and lift yourself are on here and those alone make this very entertaining, dont forget the rest either. also someone said this thing birthed i,i unintentionally
Kanye West - JESUS IS KING
For it's many highlights and overhated songs (Looking at you, Chick Fil-A), Jesus Is King still has some wondeful gospel choir vocals, some nice features, decent yet rough production, non-descript and lyrically inept Kanye verses, but the whole thing is overshadowed by Selah. There's nothing better than that on here, so Jesus Is King just fires a bunch of blanks musically.

Best Track: Selah

Worst Track: Water (ice water drip yeah)
G.O.O.D. Music - Kanye West Presents: Good Music - Cruel Summer
Don't Like.1 might have a slur in it but it is the hardest song ever.

The rest? R.Kelly's on here so I don't have to paint much of a picture.

Actually it isn't that bad if I'm not thinking too hard, in fact there are some solid rap songs on here. The album's progression is dogshit but it's still worth listening to, and these songs are occasionally mad hyped up and energetic. It's just about "good". Almost his worst.
Kanye West - Kanye West Presents Donda (Live Listening Event July 22nd, 2021)
Donda's first-party threw me off, it was one of the most appallingly average and scatterbrain listens I've ever had. The ideas were mad interesting. maybe even more interesting than their fulfillments in the final album, but the album was a mess sonically. Not to mention that the event provided no visual statements of the level of V2 and V3
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