this is in chronological order

LOONA - Heejin
well... here we go!

Unlike the common opinion, I personally think Heejin's solo is very very solid. The bridge is transcendent, the fun, jazzy sound of it makes a lot of sense on and off paper, and Heejin is probably my favorite vocalist on the whole group, so it's pretty obvious that she puts in a very very impressive performance. Surprisingly hedonistic for early LOONA cuts as well?

As for the acoustic version, it's good, it isn't my cup of tea but like I said her voice carries this single big time and the acoustic is particularly good for the same reason
LOONA - Hyunjin

Hyunjin is probably my favorite member of the group, and she probably deadlifts to Yeezus with Heejin and Vivi in the gym

But these singles aren't my favorite, even though they're still really good. Around You is very very lowkey for an introductory single, but it manages to be particularly saccharine in nature, and also very soft and mellow. Her voice sounds more like someone you'd catch singing at a coffee shop, in a good way, rather than a full-blown pop vocalist. Given that she isn't one of the more impressive vocalists on the group, the single and music video are true to her demeanor but it also simultaneously feels like it doesn't suit her voice.

I'll Be There has loads of charisma and fun, and being the first punchy and poppy LOONA song, it's pretty neat to look back at!
LOONA - HaSeul
mother 🥺

Being relatively new to the group, I was a bit disconnected to Haseul at first, but after sometime I came to find out that she's the leader of the group, and that shes the one everyone loves!

Haseul is a classically trained vocalist, hence she doesn't really gel in with the mould of LOONA's vocal team, but on her own she's absolutely brilliant at it.

Surprisingly, The Carol reflects her vocal abilities a little more than Let Me In does, but Let Me In was a very surprising song to come across when I listened to the LOONA solos in order. The grand string segments were something pretty unique compared to the conventional balladry on Hyunjin's single.

Sometimes I feel like the instrumental was so gorgeous it overpowered her vocals, and made them NOT stand out in the midst of things.

The Carol is incredibly sweet and pretty for a christmas carol, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. It's cliche, but who cares. And there's surprisingly good chemistry. My sore gripe with this solo is that I just don't come back to it as much as I should, because it isn't big on replay value.
LOONA - YeoJin
frog 🐸

I love this single as well, and I think it's unpopular that I prefer it to the last two.

Kiss Later was a bit of a stark contrast from the laidback solos above, it sounded full of boisterous energy and almost like fairy floss in musical form! The concept of the video was adorable as well, and the song sounds too fun for it's own good. I think she was 13 or 14 odd years old back then, so the concept fit snug-tight with that in consideration.

As for the B-Side and C-Side, My Sunday and My Monday are the first example of rehashes on LOONA songs, and I don't really buy it. Both music videos have the whole truckload of chemistry, and it's hard to buy the fact that one set of them (on My Sunday) haven't been friends for a long time, and that the other pair (My Monday) aren't siblings (LMFAO)

However the songs are near identical, which is a bummer. Sure the lyrics are switched up, but I don't even know why a Heejin and Hyunjin collaboration is on Yeojin's solo.
LOONA 1/3 - Love & Live
LOONA 1/3 is the first and most neglected sub-unit/sub-band on LOONA.

It comprised of three of the four members unveiled through solo songs, Hyunjin, Haseul and Heejin, but Yeojin wasn't on board because she was caught up with school. Instead, the groups first and only foreign member, Vivi, was roped on board, even before her solo debut that followed shortly after. Sadly, this group remains the least popular of the three sub-units :(

Most of these tracks appear on the superior Love & Evil compilation, but there's some stuff on here that stands out, like and intro that's tagged Power Pop on RYM 😭🤭
Vivi's solo is about as good as it's compatriots, but it suffers from the same problem the B-Sides on Yeojin's solo did. The music video is amazing, but I feel like the two songs on this solo are barely different outside the tone of the song.

Vivi is quite strongly the least impressive vocalist on the whole team, but that's not a bad thing because once again she has a pretty mellow voice that's soft on the ears. I feel like Vivi has been neglected by LOONA's figureheads for the longest time now so this single kinda proves she can punch her own weight when she needs to. Plus, she birthed a whole trend on Tiktok that involves Migos :P 😳

So Everyday I Love You's just sweet pop perfection, and Everyday I Need You cuts back on that just a little, it's laidback but benefits from the addition of a rap verse that was delivered better.
LOONA 1/3 - Love & Evil
Arguably the most emotional LOONA project to date. Love & Evil is absolutely gorgeous, there's a lot of unique song ideas here including two mild classical crossovers and while this feels disconnected from the whole "Loonaverse" lore theory thing, it still stands out as one of their best projects musically.

Love & Evil repackages Love & Live with a few extra songs, some that were necessary additions to the original. It no longer has an intro that doesn't mesh with the overall theme of the other songs, instead that's reworked upon as well. Sonatine is drop-dead gorgeous, and like I said earlier, the gorgeous tag can be thrown on a lot of things here.

The vocal performances aren't the BEST but they certainly work more than the group's respective solo songs. Love & Evil feels more fleshed out than anything before it.
LOONA - Kim Lip
WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌙🌙🌙🌙


eclipse is the first genuinely amazing LOONA solo, jesus christ is it good. Sure, Twilight drops the ball a little, but they both carry a very warm and nocturnal sound palette. Eclipse has what is legitimately one of my favorite pop hooks ever. It's one hell of a pop song, and even though the music video is uninteresting compared to a lot of other LOONA MVs, the song carries it all the way through.
LOONA - JinSoul
wh-wh-what was the use of the horrible photoshop on the album cover?

Ok but back on track, along with HaSeul's solo, Jinsoul's solo shares the title for single I come back to the least. It's sure as hell impressive, it even has a lo-fi section (on the a-side), but it sounds a little compressed or so, so I don't really buy it too much for the most part even though it's one of the most unique songs on the whole roster. This doesn't take away from the fact that Jinsoul is the most talented person out of the twelve.

The B-Side is more replayable imo, but it's impaired by being half as interesting as it's counterpart. Given that she's the only half-decent rapper on the whole team, she does well on that front.
LOONA - Choerry

ok so Love Cherry Motion is miles ahead of Puzzle but I don't mind Puzzle either. Honestly, despite the lowkey generic and overblown drop on LCM that sounds like future LOONA music, it serves as a solid change of pace from the bubbly and cutesy song. I personally think the concept of this single was far away from her personality, so that's a bummer, but it's probably one of the LOONA songs I've got the most replay value out of
Loona Odd Eye Circle - Mix & Match
Mix & Match is where the RYM chads started claiming LOONA as a group. Mix & Match does indeed sound like pop's answer to Die Lit. All the instrumentals are simplistic, yet bubbly and whatnot. Outside #, which I reviewed a long time ago in early 2020, this was my introduction to LOONA, and my first listen was when I was walking outside with my mom, and while this is the opposite of what is defined as walking music, I was pretty mesmerized by how unbelievably catchy this thing was. From the intro to the outro, it's absolutely amazing for no apparent reason, and the vocals and the rapping are surprisingly good as well. What can I say.
Loona Odd Eye Circle - Max & Match
Max & Match serves the purpose in the direction of Mix & Match the way Love & Evil did to Love & Live: it switches up the intro for something more in-line with the album's aesthetic.

This is the most universally accepted K-Pop project among indieheads, mu users, AOTY chads, RYM chadsand other fantano-core/snob-core musical circles, and for a pretty solid reason.

I can't trace the exact reason, but this thing is straight-up psychedelic in nature. The synths sound like they were processed through distilled water, and songs like LOONATIC sound like re-takes on Grimes' songs. They're all absolutely amazing, front to back, and it's almost like auditory crack the way this lodges in your brain and won't get out. I'm not joking when I say this is what pop perfection is, because songs like Odd Front symbolize the fine line between absurd and experimental pop music, and conventional pop tunes. It's a pretty solid concoction.
LOONA - Yves
If anything, placing all of LOONA's work in chronological order, you might begin to observe a certain pattern.

The band progressively abandoned strings and pianos post Love and Evil, and you can see them slowly abandon the previous soundscape for going straight up electropop/synthpop. Yves' solo sorta brings together the best of both worlds: new is one of my favorite pop songs ever at this point, even though it took a little time to stamp it's imprint on me, and D-1 is a genuinely gorgeous r&b cut that makes every other laidback LOONA song pale out in comparison. The music video is heavy on lore, which I won't get to on this list because it's a bit too complex, but oh well.

I feel like LOONA would've held on to all the critical acclaim they received with their solo singles if the whole team decided to continue with the whole nocturnal aesthetic rather than looking for fresher pastures/succumbing to normal stereotypes in the field of K-Pop
LOONA - The Carol 2.0
The Carol 2.0 is yet another Carol, and it signifies yet another Loona New Year. It's sweet, and while I might prefer the original, it's pretty interesting how this is the polar opposite of what Choerry and Yves were presented as, to date, especially with the music video. Oh, don't forget the "lore line" referring to Chuu's single, mind-blown???

On the low, this thing lacks the chemistry of the original Carol, but it's still a jolly good Christmas single, ho ho ho!
LOONA - Chuu
Chuu's solo really isn't that good, I'm obviously biased because of how good the music video is.

Basically, Heart Attack has no idea what it's trying to be. It starts off with a whole sample, then turns into some sort of pop song, then it straight up heads in the direction trying to be Mr. Claus with a Christmassy hook. It sounds wintery in a good way, and the videos looks that way as well. The B-Side is surprisingly good, it's probably one of the best B-Sides we've got so far, so this solo gets points for carrying it's consistency across the board. Girl's Talk is another nocturnal LOONA song, and I'm getting tired of the word but it's my favorite variant of LOONA songs out there

baby apple 🍏 :)
LOONA - Go Won
One time a little girl was passing by a cold street when a boy approached her. "I saw you on TV once, you're so cool!", the boy said. "One day you'll be as talented as me, I'm sure of that", the girl told him.

The boy was Tupac, and the girl was Go Won.

Gowon defends capitalism.
LOONA - Olivia Hye
EGOIST is AS GOOD AS NEW, it's one of the best singles on this whole slow-burning cult formation thing, sorry I meant predebut solo thing, but that makes the B-Side pale out in comparision.

The concept of the A-Side is to love yourself, and the concept of the B-Side is ඞ (sus)

But goddamn does Egoist sound like BURIAL K-POP- AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

and rosy sounds like what would hypothetically happen if you ASKED A PHONK PRODUCER TO MAKE AN ELECTROPOP BEAT
LOONA / yyxy - beauty&thebeat
Despite being the most universally hyped-up and revered sub-unit, yyxy is a considerable fall-off in comparison to the other two subunit EPs. It's a little too short and was in desperate need of a repackage with a better album cover. Love4eva (feat. Grimes) is one hell of a bop and marks LOONA's first proper feature inclusion, yet the other songs pale out in comparision. They're still good fun though, and I love Rendevous 18.6y as much as I love Rain 51db off Love and Evil/Live.

LOONA - [+ +]
according to illiterate people this is the last good thing loona has done.


You’re so stylish 모으고파 Mileage (Whoa whoa)
용기를 내 Make you mine, mine
(Make you mine, hey yeah)
You’re so stylish 너로 꾸며 Buy list
내게 어울리는 Style, style
(I really like your style)
LOONA - Orbit 1.0
hello orbits 😘🤗

and to the rest of y'all 😒

members of LOONA have writing/composing credits here, +80x social credit for them

and these remixes are neat
xx is a repackage and the final project to involve jaden jeong, who has this expansive ass mind so he decided to make bible pt.2 about LOONA.

it's a very solid repackage and it features some of the highlights off both the original version of XX and ++. Butterfly is one of the greatest songs ever, and I LOVE this repackage a lot, however I feel like the ++ outro had to go, because it got very long in the tooth. Even dal segno sounded like it.
LOONA - [#]

this was the first LOONA project I checked out early last year and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it progressively grew on me with time. YT Music automatically plays music videos, so I managed to listen to So What with the video outro and intro (which straight-up sound like Death Grips throwaways), and added a lot to the streaming version.

The mixing here is disappointing af, it barely delivers any justice to the producers or the girls themselves. The whole aesthetic of this record starts off all hardcore but fizzles out into cutesy balladry into the for of 365, which is a massive guilty pleasure. It's better than the entirety of DSOTM 🤭🤭🤭🤭

LOONA - [12:00]
12:00 is about basslines for some reason, all the songs are insanely punchy for no reason. Also, it's simply overhated because it isn't old LOONA music. Be grateful, shut up and enjoy the greatness or go find Godwon.

Universe is beautiful, OOPS has the greatest rap verse ever /s, Why Not is their best lead single in a while, and Star is straight-up ear candy. 12:00 is a solid, fun project, and I don't want anyone saying it isn't, because it isn't.
Yeo Jin, Kim Lip, 최리, GO WON & cocomong - Yum-Yum
How do you follow up greatness with mediocrity? Yum-Yum is the greatest song ever 😭😭😭😳🐸🤭🍏🤗🦐🌟

“Are you ready for your rap lessons?”

Kendrick Lamar gulped.

Kanye West nodded.

Drake shuddered.

J. Cole blinked nervously.

“Yes, Yeojin” they said in unison.
LOONA - [&]

LOONA has dropped the ball, they've sunken to the levels of the production of Good Kid m.a.a.d city!

Paint The Town is a great song, the rest is... forgettable, and it's a pity I used to think the opposite.

Still if you filter out your apparent biases and the fact that this sounds like Everglow or something, it's just about good, but it's still the worst Loona project to date.
LOONA - HULA HOOP / StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜
Me: "I hate myself"

Vivi: Chou chou joayo! (I really, really like you!)

Me: :)

“Are you ready for your rap lessons?”

Tupac gulped.

Pusha T nodded.

Nas shuddered.

Jay Z whispers under his breath, "I think we're ALL ready for our rap lessons."

Biggie blinks nervously.

“Yes, Yeojin” they said in unison.
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