Liz Phair - Soberish
Jun 5, 2021
In terms of Liz Phair, I've only ever heard this new record and "Funstyle," and honestly I kinda like both, but as I ventured through this record I had to we need Liz Phair in 2021? As I understand it a lot of people are fond of and protective of Liz Phair, and I get it. She was screwed over by a lot of people and reportedly didn't deserve it. But I don't know, something about Liz Phair using gen Z slang (if that's what you want to call it) as a fifty-four year old woman just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know if she's getting better with age, is my point. So do we need Liz Phair nowadays? Maybe not. But "Soberish" is still a pretty good singer-songwriter record, with plenty of well-written tracks that Liz does her best to project forward with her singing voice. My favorite track being the centerpiece of the record and the title track, "Soberish." It's a somber, nostalgic story of finding an old lover at a bar, and I suspect that's how returning to the singer-songwriter world feels for Liz Phair; like finding an old friend and rekindling love. Honestly, nostalgia is a big part of this record, which occasionally falls short of even being average, and the messy production doesn't do the record any favors either, but I respect the attempt a lot. If this is in fact to be Liz Phair's final album, she could have done a lot worse, and the main themes and, sporadically, the instrumentation are likely to bring her fans back to what they liked about her early years. Despite its flaws in execution and duds in the tracklist, I recommend "Soberish." Like a warm hug from an old friend who you didn't expect to come back around. It's nice. You know, light B.
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Jun 5, 2021
Omg you definitely should listen to her first albums
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