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São Paulo, Brazil.
I have the correct criticism based on compositions, sound, activation, rhythm and especially i value its production. If i don't like that, it's not going to change my mind. Only a person who has joy to show his opinions around the world of music.
i vote music based on its production, tune, rhythm, atmosphere, catchiness, replay value etc. and i usually disregard lyrics unless they're that good or bad.
Yellowest Flannel In The Room
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Rating System: 100 = Flawless Albums 95-99 = Masterpieces 90-94 = Incredible Albums 85-89 = Great Albums 80-84 = Very Good Albums 70-79 = Good/Enjoyable Albums 60-69 = Decent Albums 50-59 = Ok Albums (Indifferent) 40-49 = Mostly Bad Albums 30-39 = Bad Albums 20-29 = Terrible Albums 10-19 = Shit Albums 0-9 = Literally The Worst Thing Ever Singles account: LETTERBOXD:
I'm a 15 year old egirl that pretends like my musical opinions matter. The name is Charlise, and my aliases are C.L. Jesse, Johnny Truant, and AvenadeFan69. ***95+ is equal to a 10/10 or 5/5*** 90-100: Masterpiece 80-89: Wonderful 70-79: Good/decent 60-69: Alright 50-59: Meh/Okay 40-49: Bad 30-39: Awful/Funny Bad 20-29: Trash 10-19: Disposable 0-9: Nonredeemable Spotify: heyitbelili My Art: Letterboxd:
yeety yeety lemme lick yo feety
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52nd Street
I only rate singles! You're wasting your time here. Check out my main account instead ⬇️
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm just a 25 year old man who loves discovering new music. Throughout 2020 I'm going to try and listen to as much new music as I can from my favourite genres and rate them,with the occasional review. My favourite genres,and the types of albums I'll be rating the most are: -Metal (And its many sub genres) -Punk -Hip-Hop And remember,all ratings are based off of opinion,just because you like something doesn't mean everyone else will,and vice versa.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hello, I'm Damon, I'm a 16 year old bisexual that likes music way too much. Ratings based on my enjoyment. I take album requests on my wall.
m.A.A.d city
just a guy who finds joy in discovering new music and expressing my opinions on it...
Shit goes hard or it does not. That is the only truth.
Listening to Die Lit
You may notice that I mostly give out very positive reviews, that is because I love to talk about music I love. Also, if an album doesn't interest me I probably won't even finish it. Feel free to reccomended me some stuff.
San Diego (All instathots are two hours up north)
Live with authenticity to yourself, every second of the day. Send me recommendations that’s not metal, noise rock, or gangsta rap
Ratings = Amount of Albums I Listened to in 2020

n o s t a l g i a
tWeNtY oNe PiLoTs Is mY fAvOuRiTe EmO bAnD
19 year old Polish/Irish music nerd with nothing better to do with his life. My review of the new Dan Deacon album: My singles account: @NostalgiaSingle
My basement
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Trash Island
I fucking hate music
Tom, The Fookin Cat
Braga, Portugal
procrastination station
"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed If you see me give a 100, it means that record is perfect for me. Everything is subject to change but usually 100s will remain as such. I only rate albums with points ending in 5 or 0 unless it's a meme. Rating Scale: 100: Classic/Favorite 90: Fantastic 80: Great 70: Solid 60: Passable 50: Indifference/Meh 40: Subpar 30: Bad 20: Terrible 10: Abysmal 0: Bottom of the Barrel
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! This is the twin account of AndreManfre93, I use this only to rate singles :) My other account: Please feel free to recommend songs that I should listen to!
Kieran Aisling Lyons INFP-T / 4w5
100: Essential 95+90: Outstanding 85+80: Great 75+70: Good 65-55: Decent 45-20: Bad 15: No Quality 10-0: Unlistenable
making out to frank ocean
Hi, I'm Mol and I enjoy metaphorical language, long-distance travel, and cats. Also, gay bops that bump in the whip. Never have I been locked up in a world of misery I need you darlin' to set me free Come back, baby, try me one more time Ooh, baby, I'm 'bout to go out of my mind <3 My favorite (review):
i am chunky boi
Ice Age baby's funeral
18 year old. 10/10 would listen to recommendations.
100: Perfect 95-99: fantastic 90-94: Amazing 85-89: wonderful 80-84: Great 75-79: Very good 70-74: good 65-69: fine 60-64: Decent 50-59: average 40-49: mediocre 30-39: bad 20-29: trash 10-19: Complete Garbage 0-9: the worst shit I've heard
Long Island
Been listening to nonstop music for years without keeping track of most things, so I figured I'd start a catalogue of ratings here. Follow my Twitter for more music garbage, and I'll follow back if you're a music account. Key: 100 - Perfect 10/10 95 - Strong 9 / Imperfect 10 90 - Solid 9 85 - Strong 8 / Light 9 80 - Solid 8 75 - Strong 7 / Light 8 70 - Solid 7 ...And so on for 65 through 5 (5 being a Light 1/10). 0 - ‘Magic Happens & Dreams Come True’ by Jonahdills
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! I also have a twin account where I rate only singles (Manfre93Singles): Please feel free to recommend albums that I should listen to!
United States

Baja Frecuencia
Santiago, Chile
Just a boy rating albums and feeling good about himself. I have a Youtube Channel called Baja Frecuencia where I review movies and music, go and check it out. 100: Holy shit 90: Spectacular 80: Fantastic 70: Great 60: Good 50: Mediocre / Indifferent 40: Not good 30: Bad 20: Disgusting 10: Horrendous I don't believe in 0/10, so my minimum is 1/10.
Washington DC
Pianist, composer and music theory nerd trying to find the best album of 2019 My top ten albums of Summer '19 1. CASE STUDY 01 - Daniel Caeser 2. Bandana - Freddie Gibbs 3. The Lost Boy - YBN Cordae 4. Ugh Those Feels Again - Snoh Aalegra 5. So Much Fun - Young Thug 6. Live On Ice - Tobi Lou 7. Ginger - BROCKHAMPTON 8. Gravity - Pell 9. 1123 - BJ The Chicago Kid 10. Chasing Summer - SiR
Kengoji "I Hate Commies" Ultam
Where the white women at?
Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece/Perfect 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Medicore 40-49 = Bad 30-39 = Horrible 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Cancer 0-9 = Corey Feldman Other Accounts: LETTERBOXD:
Madvillainy Gang
(A.K.A. Valentino) PipePanic protégé I'm living my best life

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