Feb 20, 2020
how can you make a song so boring
Feb 19, 2020
real chill vibes
Feb 17, 2020
yeah this is pretty mid
Feb 16, 2020
ok so that dark hard ass production is kinda nice but the vocals are so badly mixed and the chorus is so weak it's just not good
Feb 15, 2020
lil dicky is a highlight

let that sink in
Feb 14, 2020*
they out here spitting nursery rhymes I'm feeling a phat dookie out of 10
Feb 14, 2020*
charlie scene more like charlie sheen

anyways I actually committed to fully listen to this album and FUCK ME I WANT TO DIE.

this is the most generic music I've heard this year. the blend of guitar driven instrumentals with headache causing edm drops is just like uh bad af.. they have like 3 or 4 vocalists I think and I can't distinguish any of them. all I hear is tuned to death rapper/singer wannabes that really don't know what they're doing and I think that's not really good if 15 years into ... read more
Feb 13, 2020
see you again 2 anyone?
Feb 13, 2020*
edit: kinda grew on me tbh

it's kinda a mid track for me. it really feels like a Save Our Souls throwaway with not a lot going for it. the guitar loop is kinda nice but the way it was incorporated into the beat doesn't really work for me. Jake's performance is kinda meh for me and on the chorus he does this anthemic singy thing like on suicidal thoughts and cycles but the beat again just feels too static and slow to back him up and it ends up feeling really awkward for me. I really feel that ... read more
Feb 10, 2020
Feb 10, 2020
painfully boring
Feb 10, 2020
really wish it would be longer tbh
Feb 9, 2020
he really tried to pull a God's plan on this lmao
Feb 8, 2020
best dababy song
Feb 8, 2020
why can't we get something like Intro instead of this
Feb 8, 2020
pretty mid that
Feb 8, 2020
ok now do we really need this
Feb 7, 2020
joji snapped hard dauuum
Feb 7, 2020
amazing with the video
Feb 3, 2020
hot take gang
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