Sakuraburst - Harpsinger
May 23, 2020
Yeah no I don't like this. The album is trying to pull of this style where its pulling electronic elements into this sorta old schooly medivialy feel. It very much dosen't work for me or the album. I think the only song where this aesthetic actully worked was the secound song and best song on the album "goddess". Most of the electronic songs sorta go nowhere and feel bland. Like they really don't go anywhere. Aquira is probably the best of the instrumental songs because it starts with this really good bit? idk how 2 speak but yeah. The rest of the song sorta devolves into bass kick bass kick which is boring because I WANT A MELODY GODAMNIT. An example of this is probably Glass river where theirs a breakdown that lasts a century. The last 2 tracks are erm not good. They just seem unearned and the last track has a really nice piano outro that saved the last half of the album.

Yeah overall this was boring. 34/100
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