Björk studio albums ranking

A ranking of the studio albums of Bjork

Björk - Vespertine
One of my favourite albums of all time, the contrast between the minimalist microbeats and the gargantuan string sections creates one of my favourite musical landscapes ever. Almost everything is on point.
Björk - Vulnicura
Heart wrenchingly beautiful. We’re basically taken through the story of the death of Björk’s marriage through the lyricism, production and vocals on this album that make it so painful.
Björk - Homogenic
My favourite of Björk’s “90s” albums. The beats and strings work really well together, yet keep the pop song structure making it familiar yet experimental in a way.
Björk - Post
Post is such a fun album because of how it capitalises on both the pop side of Björk and the left field side. Her storytelling was starting to blossom and her voice is so beautiful throughout the record.
Björk - Medulla
Medúlla might seem low on this list but I really love how much it sticks to its one core idea, which is the human voice. I think it has some incredibly strong moments - but some of the interludes feel slightly weaker to me, which prevents me from enjoying it as much as the others above it.
Björk - Biophilia
Biophilia is mother nature Björk at her most powerful. Utilising elements of dubstep and electronic beats. It’s really ambitious in the way it uses sounds like a tesla coil to construct itself. However some of the songs feel like a bit of a miss at times, which is why it’s slightly lower.
Björk - Utopia
Utopia is great, it’s just i need more time with it. The instrumentals are at their most lush. With the sounds of flutes and birds peppered throughout. It’s definitely one of her hardest to get into and i’m sure it will creep up the list.
Björk - Debut
Debut is a great 90s pop album. It has some great vocal and songwriting moments. And the beats and instrumentals bring a sense of nostalgia and warmth. But it’s just a lot less ambitious than the later projects. Still a really strong pop album.
Björk - Volta
Volta is a mixed bag. I still think it’s a good album. But it’s inconsistent quality wise. And at times it feels like it doesn’t know what sound it wants to go with. However the grand horn sections really compliment most songs on here.
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