Utada Hikaru japanese studio albums ranking

A ranking of the japanese studio albums by Utada Hikaru

Utada Hikaru - BAD Mode
'BAD MODE' surprised me. Despite 'Flop My Fears' existing and half of the songs being released as singles, this album really holds up in cohesion. The longer tracks like 'Kibunja Naino' and 'Somewhere in Marseilles' manage to not get boring with their constant sonic variation and the singles like 'One Last Kiss', 'PINK BLOOD' and 'Darenimo Iwanai' are as strong as ever. It's like Ultra Blue but with more variatin and experimentation. The album is more cohesive than expected but lacks the feeling of a project for me - and isn't as emotionally gripping as my number one pick, but it's a close second!
Utada Hikaru - Distance
'Distance' is so polarising. Most people either hold it as one of her best or one of her worst albums. What I love about distance is the experimental passages intertwined with the 2000s R&B palette. Immediately our opener 'Wait and See -Risk' sets the tone with its high energy twinkly pop rock chorus. 'Can You Keep a Secret?' has such slick verses and an unforgettably catchy chorus with licks of R&B used tastefully. 'Sunglasses' and 'Distance' are also both really good. 'Addicted To You (Up-In-Heaven Mix)' is one of my favourite songs of hers, the desperation in the chorus and the transforming structure across the song's duration combine well with the urgent strings and expressive vocals. I also like the ambience of cuts like 'Kotoba ni Naranai Kimochi' and ''Hayatochiri'. Criticisms of this album mostly lie in the vocals, which I have to agree with because some of the vocals here are slightly unpleasant and pitchy but honestly I still really like this album.
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