Kanye West - JESUS IS KING
Sep 26, 2019 (updated Oct 25, 2019)
EDIT (When it actually came out, 10/25/19): Yeah, this is gonna be the first album people will legitimately pan. When this album was announced, my first immediate thought was "ugh". I haven't been the biggest supporter of Kanye's politics, all while loving his albums still. When he announced this album, it was the first time I felt he had changed himself into some conservative old man, who now has to spread the word of Gospel to a world where Christianity is declining.

The first time in a Kanye era where I truly didn't feel too excited about an album coming out. I will admit I was worried that someone with what MOST would consider a still top-notch discography would finally lose his creativity and invisible "I have one of the best discographies" plaque in my brain. After multiple delays I gave it all up and gave into what Kanye was speaking. Heard the listening parties, wasn't impressed. Heard The Forum recordings, wasn't that impressed.

I went to go see the Jesus is King IMAX premiere (stan territory, but it was actually 20 minutes away and a $10 ticket) and was genuinely moved by what it had. I know a lot of people don't like the film at all, but I deal with anxiety disorder (IAD) and I felt extremely calm watching the film. The goosebumps at the beginning fueled some anxiety but the entire film just made me feel at peace, even not being so much of a Christian myself. I was like "oh, okay, maybe I understand Kanye on this album".

So, to the album. Yes, this album is definitely shoving Christianity in your face, if you dislike the religion entirely, you will hate this project. There's just something about Jesus is King that I needed in my life. I think if you're in my generation you'll need this too. I felt so so so good after my first listen. Selah is a insane opening, the leak very much ruined the hyped "YEEZY" you got before, much toned down now, but it still works, if not more integreated with the album.

This album only has minimal moments where you're like "OH FUCK THAT'S CRAZY" which is what a lot of people expect for an album above an 8/10. It has many beautiful highs but most is very tame, songs like Everything We Need (The Storm) took a CALMER note, when I expected it to be more high for the album. Selah goes crazy, no doubt, absolutely going to be a high for people no matter what. Water soothed my soul heavy. God Is makes you feel right at home with Kanye, if you miss "the old Kanye". Hands On is a song is didn't expect which you should have expected, talking about Kanye how Christians push Kanye away from the religion. Really cool seeing he can still see from the outside in. Use This Gospel is gonna be such a high, sounds like something everyone can ingest, it talks about God, but about the same level as most Kanye songs do, WITH FUCKING CLIPSE....and KENNY G (fucking crazy).

Such a beautiful album. I know this is gonna be his most mixed bag, but I definitely feel Kanye at peace and I feel at peace with this album. I really needed this in my life, and i'm glad that after all this time, it didn't dissappoint me.

BEFORE ALBUM CAME OUT: Three types of reviews:


"It's good, but not nearly as good as what its current user score suggests."

"wow Kanye sheep here again praising a dogshit project. I wish I could time-travel back to 2004 when I was six years old when Kanye was ACTUALLY good. Now let me go listen to Some Rap Songs and post my superior vinyl collection on reddit"
Oct 25, 2019
Wow, I share the exact same sentiment with anxiety. I am absolutely not a christian but this album really had me feeling calm for the first time in forever.
Oct 25, 2019
Also, I hope you continue to stay strong in the face of anxiety.
Oct 25, 2019
thank ya homie @Trash Boat. The great thing is i've realized how much better i've gotten on my own. It's been a long journey but it's not nearly as bad as it was. I can finally control it 95% of the time and i'm not scared of telling people anymore. I work in the Music Industry and I always thought it made you look weak and not fit for anything. Found out even if people aren't on the same level of anxiety as you, they go through the same things at different stages. It's all about growth and process, and thankfully I'm out of the slump that kept me from doing things I loved.
Oct 25, 2019
That's awesome to hear. Stress of school and adult responsibilities has been absolutely killing me recently. I still struggle with the weak feeling. Hearing stories like yours is really helpful in keeping me continuing to fight so that one day I can move out of my slump.
Oct 25, 2019
i can 100% agree with this. i’ve never felt calmer since september. (other than Ballad lol)
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