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TreyLikesBands -
“Visions of Bodies Being Burned” is just one of those albums you have to hear to believe. It breaks so many boundaries, it becomes so immersive over its runtime, it succeeds in making you actually, legitimately scared. I’ve been listening to this for about a month at this point, and it has only grown since first listen!
How can I even begin to describe this record to you? Seriously!

Well, I’ll start with its atmosphere, because it effortlessly brings dread to your ears ... read more

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TreyLikesBands -
Go off sis.

Ever since I started talking to Eli in the quaint shoutboxes of this website, I knew we’d become great friends. Now we talk regularly on Snapchat and Discord, and let me tell you, they are absolutely one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to. So supportive, so caring, so genuinely wholesome. And they make good music too? Who would’ve thought…

One of the best AOTY projects I’ve ever listened to, “t;he_si..gna_l” blends this glitchy and ... read more
TreyLikesBands -
Fragile Angels Frail From Afar (or, Operatic Junction)

Church organ aflame, Anna Von Hausswolff is back with an astonishingly harrowing piece. A distinction known to all who have heard, Hausswolff is capable of moving the listener to different mysterious lands, and on “All Thoughts Fly”, you’re instantly teleported.

You’re plopped down into this misty, deserted marsh in the middle of nowhere. The air is hazy, and you can only see as far as your hands in front of you. ... read more
TreyLikesBands -
Ohms My Gods (or, Symphony of Dots)

Don’t fuck with Deftones, you’ll get the shit beat out of you.
They know how to hold a cascading and beautiful melody over the harshest guitar chords known to alternative metal. Hell, they practically evolved that genre by themselves. Project after project, they are clear in their outlook, and think critically upon their output.

On “Ohms”, their magnificence is heightened as every band member puts their all into these 10 tracks. And ... read more
TreyLikesBands -
When a God Returns At the End (or, Virtuoso Thoughts in D Minor)

Sufjan Stevens is heralded as one of the most influential musical acts of the 21st century.
So, what’s his take on 21st century culture? Meet “The Ascension”.

Stevens surrounds himself in the harsh, desolate world of electronics on his newest venture, more so than on “The Age of Adz” (previously his most computerized eccentricity). The highlights here are the gratifyingly jagged instrumentals, which ... read more
TreyLikesBands -
My Most Anticipated Record of 2020 (or, Nectarne Nocturne)

Here we are everyone, the biggest release day of 2020, September 25th!
For myself, I’ve been waiting quite a long while for today. Godlike Sufjan, the IDLES warriors, Deftones - the bringers of death, and even more. Along with all of these amazing acts, we have my absolute most anticipated, Joji’s sophomore release “Nectar”.

I will now proclaim this record as mine. This belongs to nobody else. Trey-core. ... read more
Oct 26, 2020
That score is way too high
Oct 25, 2020
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Oct 25, 2020
In your opinion who is the most overrated artist (for a list)
Oct 24, 2020
Yo man, I really enjoy reading your reviews and it would really mean a lot if you would listen and review my mixtape. It's called 16-Bit Fantasy by Ya Boy Payden. I'm on Flex Entertainment, btw.
Oct 22, 2020
No cock October
Oct 22, 2020
I love that you're willing to give some artists like Drain Gang or Coldplay a fair shot even if they're hated by the majority of the music community.
Oct 21, 2020
Hey! For a list I’m making, what is your feel good album?
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