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Taylor Swift - folklore
Jul 24, 2020
I'm not a Taylor Swift fan.
Or at least... I wouldn't have called myself one until now.

I listened to last year's "Lover" with mediocre results. I found some cuts quite nice and refreshing, others just plain boring and bland. I didn't expect anything from that record either. With songs such as "You Need to Calm Down" and "ME!" that I had to endure in every Justice! store with my sister, I saw a steady but meaningful progression in her sound over the course of a couple years. I honestly would've never expected a Taylor Swift indie folk album. And to think, you guys would just assume I'd eat this shit up, because you'd be right.

You're lost in the forest as the giant, looming pine trees make you feel oh so insignificant. Nothing around you except the bounds of nature itself, and your lonely, painful, cascading thoughts.

Ms. Swift comes through with a great indie folk record this year, filled to the brim with beautiful and soaring melodies, angelic and ethereal backing instrumentals, satisfying vocal harmonies, all wrapped up in quaint, fulfilling song structures. Without even listening to her past records, I can already assume that this is her best project so far. It's mature, collected, and totally from the heart.

Color: Blue
FAV TRACKS: exile, this is me trying, august, cardigan, hoax, mirrorball, invisible string, epiphany, the 1, seven, the last great american dynasty, betty
LEAST FAV: mad woman

Track Ratings
1the 1 / 60
2cardigan / 70
3the last great american dynasty / 60
4exile / 90
5my tears ricochet / 70
6mirrorball / 60
7seven / 70
8august / 60
9this is me trying / 60
10illicit affairs / 50
11invisible string / 70
12mad woman / 50
13epiphany / 60
14betty / 60
15peace / 50
16hoax / 70
betty the best one tho :(
I wish I gave the 69th like :(
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