clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Oct 3, 2020 (updated Oct 22, 2020)
“Visions of Bodies Being Burned” is just one of those albums you have to hear to believe. It breaks so many boundaries, it becomes so immersive over its runtime, it succeeds in making you actually, legitimately scared. I’ve been listening to this for about a month at this point, and it has only grown since first listen!
How can I even begin to describe this record to you? Seriously!

Well, I’ll start with its atmosphere, because it effortlessly brings dread to your ears and welcomes the uncanny valley of music into your psyche. Every track lends itself to this constant beration of emotion and terror. The ending of “Eaten Alive” comes to mind here, blending elements of electro-acoustic improvisation (EAI) and noise to create a skin-crawling, bone-chilling outro of pure chaos and malice. This and many other moments tend to give me a gut-wrenching but welcomed stomach ache in the best possible way.

In comparison to clipping.’s previous works, this reaches almost as high in quality as their sophomore record, “CLPPNG”, in the way its overall cohesive ability just springs to life with every single spin. It hooks the listener in with a similarly distinctive and jarring “Intro” track as well, cascading a single texture throughout its runtime until it pounds the listener into the ground with pure, brute force. Something to really toss you in.

The mind-melting production is just as fervent and pungent here as it is on its predecessor, “There Existed An Addiction to Blood.” The humble, driving track “Something Underneath” takes these twisted, sheer bursts of feedback against tribal percussion passages that ooze with ferocity and anger. In a juxtaposing way, it blends natural musical elements with these chaotic, electronic embellishments, much like the whole project itself.

And I couldn’t ever forget to bring up “Enlacing”, that gnarly beast of a track towards the very end. Acting as a depressive but hopeful finale, its club-groove mood smacked alongside its dark atmosphere brings it around to be one of clipping.’s best songs altogether. It’s this juxtaposition that takes hold of the listeners heart and clings for dear life.

Don’t take this as just another clipping. album.
Don’t take this as just another album altogether.
This is a moment in music that you won’t forget.
This is a new musical movement.
As life and death reign, there’s a grey area.
It’s what you see in your nightmares.
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Oct 22, 2020
god damn u got me excited man
Oct 22, 2020
i wish i could like your review so badly :(
it doesn't let me cause it's still october 22nd in the usa
Oct 23, 2020
Great review @TreyLikesBands !
What was your favorite song off the record?
Oct 23, 2020
@Allofasudden So hard to choose, it changes a lot. Right now it's probably "Enlacing" or "Something Underneath". What about you?
Oct 23, 2020
I swear to god you’ll soon get obsessed with “Looking like meat” because that shit might be one of my favorite hip hop songs of all time, it's also written my review so I would be glad if you read my review as well..
Oct 23, 2020
@Allofasudden That one is amazing as well!!! Almost every song is.
Oct 23, 2020
@midnightbabe aw thank you!
Oct 23, 2020
This album is why I sayo clipping is better than death grips
Oct 23, 2020
Your description of the album's atmosphere is so on point. Clipping. wraps me into darkness and makes my hairs stand on end. The ominous atmosphere is what makes me love clipping.
Oct 23, 2020
By the way, what's your verdict on midcity and splendor & misery?
Oct 23, 2020
@Pickle I like those albums! In my opinion, they’re just the weakest clipping. albums, still very good!!
Oct 28, 2020
all the hype couldnt have prepared me for the absolute mastery of this album. it was so drenched with gore, decay, and absolute rage and yet so understated most of the way through. it was enchanting. easily in my top five of the year.
Jan 9, 2021
Good one !
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