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Jul 27, 2020 (updated Jul 27, 2020)

Bardarbunga. Say that 5 times fast.
It's the behemoth of a volcano we plan to climb today. I've always had a deep fascination with Icelandic culture, most notably with one of my favorite artists of all time (and one of my celebrity crushes), Björk!

Our group plans to hop on the ferry to Iceland in the early morning hours, therefore a lot of us are really tired, bored, and frankly quite restless. The person with the most attitude today is... Amy. Speak of the devil.

"Hey, why are we taking a boat to Iceland instead of an actual plane? Trey did a horrible job at planning this trip."
"My stomach hurts! What the fuck did we eat yesterday?"
"Something smells sooooo bad. Anybody have a nose plug?"
"Yo the food they serve on this boat looks like pig vomit. Are we there yet?"

Reading her emotions as being quite "annoyed" to say the least, I take her aside to confront her statements.
In a blunt fit of questioning, I immediately jump to the first thing I am thinking.
"Are you mad because we didn't like the shirts you made us?" She is absolutely taken aback by my question.
She seems as if she is at a loss of words, "No... I-"
"Look, you can be honest with me. You can be honest with all of us," I interrupt her reassuringly.
"Fine, I guess I did find it pretty angering that nobody liked my shirts. I spent $90 on those."
"Hey, it's alright. Just because we didn't like the shirts doesn't mean we don't like you. Your actions speak louder than that and we all know."
"Honestly, it's like I wasted a lot of money on something nobody cares about."
"These bandannas are going to be sentimental items to remind us of this trip, you should be proud! It means so much that you did this for us!"
"Thanks Trey."
"No, thank YOU."

As we arrive at the port, the staggering image of the volcano in the distance gives us all a bit of excitement mixed with nervousness. We know we wouldn't make the summit, but being together and talking, along with getting some exercise, would be just enough. And, even better, Zachthesnack (Zach) brought his portable speaker!

We stop at the summit of the mountain, the path looking gradual, condensed cobblestone melting into the view of the dark, flora-laden terrain. Zach pulls out his portable speaker, and as a group, we all think the same thing. To put it simply, we all basically thought:
"Yo isn't that one band Cider Rose from here?"
And with that entire collective thought, Zach started "()" as our soundtrack to the hike.

The music itself is grand and fragile compared to the monstrous journey we are on. The sprawling melodies feel like they last as long as an angel's breath. I wouldn't normally use that pretentious wording, but I just think the dense fog and high elevation is getting to me. Either way, the record painted the background of the landscape beautifully, filling in all my surroundings with vivid colors and textures worthy of a gawk or eight (one for each track).

Surprisingly, our pace is quick, reaching three-fourths of the way up the volcano in almost 2 hours. After we play the record, we listen to Björk's "Homogenic", which also definitely fits with the landscape. As we ascend, I feel as if she is singing right in my ear. Blame the lack of oxygen.

We finally reach the summit 3 hours after our departure. We are all very, very overjoyed that none of us have died yet (unfortunately, there is the climb back down). After taking many a selfie, and calling many a friends and relatives, we start our decent with a mad dash. At 5 minutes after our descent, and at this exact point, we all collectively feel the slightest rumble of the ground, then a larger shaking. Then, the entire ground is jell-o, and we are all sinking in it.

Color: Orange and Blue
FAV TRACKS: all of them!
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Jul 27, 2020
Okay but why didn't I murder anyone
Jul 27, 2020
Ok but you went from Jamaica, over to Spain, to Iceland, and then back to France. It's so STUPID! WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST GO TO ICELAND TO BEGIN WITH!
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