Camille - Ouï
Jul 28, 2020

We start our descent on Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano with a mad dash. At 5 minutes after our start, and in this exact moment, we all collectively feel the slightest rumble of the ground, then a larger shaking. Then, the entire ground is jell-o, and we are all sinking in it. Thinking fast, we all absolutely, positively knew what was happening: an eruption.

"We gotta get out of here!" Docky screams at the top of his lungs.
"C'mon, we gotta run!" Plats alerts.
"Oh my god is the volcano erupting?" Josh questions.

We all run down the footpath in the smooth, foggy, dark afternoon, the shaking becoming an even louder sentience in our minds. For me, it feels like my brain is smacking between both the front and back of my skull, the reverberations producing a levitation sensation™.

The lava follows suit. Trickling down the sides of the volcano, it hurries behind us like a hungry dog chasing a raw t-bone steak. As the path continues, we all realize that it splits in two up ahead. In a split second, we split into two groups, running parallel to each other until the lava actually catches up. And then, we realize that the lava starts flowing between our two paths, then encircling us in its grip. With the thought of death imminent in all of our heads, we close our eyes and embrace it.


Then, I wake up. In a small French motel, of all places.

The room is quite small, the bed very hard and brittle on my sore back. A tiny, quaint painting of a lakeside villa hung crooked on the bare, beige wall. I sit up, dumbfounded, dazed, confused, and worried. Discovering that my lone backpack is strewn across the floor by the window, I get changed and head down to the lobby, where everybody seems to just be waiting for me.

"Hey," Nostalgia, Michał, walks up to me and reassuringly says, "we were all super worried about you."
"W-what happened," I stagger with my words, "my head is killing me."
"You took a nasty fall back there," Zach looks at me and stands up.
"You hit your head and fell about 4 minutes into our hike, it was quite embarrassing," Amy admits, "We brought you to this cute French motel to keep up with your schedule."
Even still confused and woozy, I'm completely happy that everyone stayed on schedule. One of my quips is just not being on time to things (ironic considering the start of this journey). "Aw thanks guys."

Hitching a ride on a FlixBus to Belgium, Ryan asks the driver to play "Ouï" by Camille, to which the driver responds with, "Ah oui, j'adore cet album. J'ai des relations sexuelles sur cet album tous les soirs avec ma belle déesse portoricaine. Nous aimons tous les deux péter dans les visages l'un de l'autre lorsque l'album se termine. Il agit comme une grande finale. Merci pour votre demande, car je vais maintenant avoir un gros boner pour le reste du trajet."

This is a statement too long and too incomprehensible for any of us to understand, however, a mysterious man in the back of the bus stands up and tells us what the driver said, word-for-word:
"Ah yes, I love that album. I have sex to that album every night with my beautiful, Puerto Rican goddess. We both love farting in each others faces when the album ends. It acts as a big finale. Thank you for your request, as I will now have a large, throbbing boner for the rest of the ride."
Maybe we'll see this mysterious man soon...

The album itself is very ethereal, but all the most zany and sexy as it progresses, like a foxy French Fiona Apple. Throughout its 11 track runtime, the musical ideas presented become quite expansive and fulfilling with every soothing vocal inflection and odd time signature. All the same, it's neatly packaged into a cute, charming little experience, one that I will always attribute with the bus ride to Belgium, and the quirky bus driver who keeps moaning softly under his breath.

Color: Blue
FAV TRACKS: all of them!
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Jul 28, 2020
Hey wait a minute this is the plot to Cloud Atlas
Jul 28, 2020
Jul 28, 2020
11 minute
Jul 28, 2020
also is that bus driver a sex offender?
6d ago
The fact you actually added the 'ł' in my name means a lot, even I forget sometimes
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