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🔎A lonely brazilian boy who really enjoy talk about music (even if they're bad). 🔎 reviews only in PT-BR 🔎
Ireland / Poland
19 year old Polish music nerd living in Ireland. I listen to as many new albums that come out and do Top 50 lists at the end of every year. If you have any album you want me to check out I'll 100% listen to anything ya want and review it on my page!
AOTD list coming soooooon!
Hi my name is Jack and essentially I have a fetish for soundwaves #wearecandy
Review Schedule Friday: new album Sunday: classic album or a random album Failures may occur! Checkout my Website to read the full reviews:
Ontario, Canada
Listening to music is more important than school. Still waiting to see which album will get my first score of 100. My grading system is simply the grading system of Ontario: 100 = Perfect. (Better than A++) 99-96 = A++ 95-90 = A+ 89-85 = A 84-80 = A- 79-77 = B+ 76-73 = B 72-70 = B- 69-67 = C+ 66-63 = C 62-60 = C- 59-57 = D+ 56-53 = D 52-50 = D- 49-41 = Fail level 1 40-25 = Fail level 2 24-1 = Fail level 3 0 = It's probably not even music
im 17 and my music taste reflects that dont come for me
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Pretty new to this. Just rating all the albums I've heard and new releases :) Might do a few reviews here and there too... Also plz check out my website. It's most definitely my website. Avatar from: Spotify: Top 100 albums of 2019 list:
hi there, i'm a game developer from the state of michigan. i also enjoy collecting records. edm, post-rock, post-hardcore, hip-hop & disco are some of my favorite genres and I'm slowly working country into my repertoire.
Saskatchewan, Canada
Music Hearer 100 - Masterpiece (Listen) 90 - 99 - Near Masterpiece (Listen) 80 - 89 - Fantastic (Listen) 70 - 79 - Enjoyable (Listen) 60 - 69 - Goodish (Listen) 50 - 59 - Eh (Don't Listen) 1 - 49 - Not Good to Awful (Don't Listen) 0 - Beyond Terrible (Avoid at all costs)
Somewhere in the USA.
I’m a girl from the US. I like music. I mostly make positive reviews, but I will also make mixed and negative reviews sometimes. Oh, and I love bumpers and dolls.
Canterbury, Kent

I like music a lot.
I rate my albums by an average of the individual score of each track on the album, but if the number doesn't represent what it deserves, I adjust it to what I think it should get. I just love music and the idea I can keep this database of all of my ratings, as I have always done this on paper but there was no way to share it.
I edit Wikipedia under this name as well, and enjoy contributing to music-related articles. My ratings are mostly positive, mainly because I generally listen to albums I think I'll like. Below is a guide to what my scores roughly mean: 0 = This shouldn't even be legal 1-9 = What even is this monstrosity 10-19 = Abysmal 20-29 = Terrible 30-39 = Rubbish 40-49 = Pretty bad 50-59 = Not feeling it 60-69 = Decent 70-79 = Good 80-89 = Great 90-99 = Brilliant 100 = Ling Ling-levels of awesome
I try to follow people who make good reviews.
i guess we are all just huge fans of adjectives and adverbs
1539 N. Calvert
Curator on the Rap & Hip Hop Amino
San Francisco, California is my full profile, I can’t fit it all into 500 characters. If you follow me, I'll follow you back (First 100 only!). BTW, it’s i80, not L80. 100/ 100 : Perfect 90 - 99/100 : Amazing 80 - 89/100 : Great 70 - 79/ 100 : Good 60 - 69/ 100 : Above Average 50 - 59/ 100 : Average 40 - 49/ 100 : Slightly Below Average 30 - 39/ 100 : Below Average 20 - 29 / 100 : Bad 10 - 19 / 100 : Awful 1 - 9 /100 : Atrocious 0 /100 : Reserved for Special Content
Kanye's sunday service
you're favorite album is a 8.4 I'm not a very strict reviewer but if its bad its bad. I tend to talk about music and bug people about it so thats why I'm on this site. STFU I'm listening to Saint Pablo
Elgin Miller
"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed If you see me give a 100, it means that record is perfect for me. Everything is subject to change but usually 100s will remain as such. I only rate albums with points ending in 5 or 0 unless it's a meme. Rating Scale: 100: Classic/Favorite 90: Fantastic 80: Great 70: Solid 60: Passable 50: Indifference/Meh 40: Subpar 30: Bad 20: Terrible 10: Abysmal 0: Bottom of the Barrel
Bentley coop ridin with stars
My new account! Atrocityblubber is a ho Tbh i didn't really enjoy my old account so im gonna rip off cyd
I love music, books and cannelloni. That's it. Mostly reviewing albums that I Iike, I don't want to hurt artists feelings :(
Some of my fav albums: * Pet Sounds * The Age of Adz * Whatever People Say I Am T W I N * Fleet Foxes ST * Twin Fantasy * The Queen is Dead * Currents * The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place * 22, A Million * In Rainbows * Abbey Road * American Football LP1 Rating System: 0-29 – Horrible 30-39 – Very Bad 40-49 – Bad 50-59 – Mixed Feelings 60-69 – Reasonable 70-79 – Good 80-89 – Very Good 90-100 - Excellent
FleetwoodGrips is Online
Queens, New York
20-year-old bisexual 🏳️‍🌈 Aspie (He/Him), and philosophy hoe who loves music and like talking about music. May occasionally shitpost here or there.
Macapá, Amapá, Brasil

Still have A HELL of a lot to listen to.
I'm not okay.
florida // thanks for 100 followers!!
hey i'm wless! i like listening to stuff, and i'm doing my best to write short blurbs of my thoughts for said stuff. i absolutely adore art pop, and also pretty much whatever sounds good to me i guess. most of my ratings are adapted from what i give albums on rym
stan prefab sprout
My single account: Hi everyone ! My name is Mathieux (Math) Im a French Métis with Senegalese origin. I'm 20 years old and I love playing and listening to music. This account allows me to improve my English, sorry for grammar mistakes. :) My rating system: 10/10 - Perfect albums 9/10 - Exceptional albums 8/10 - Very good albums 7/10 - Good albums 6/10 - Decent albums 5/10 - Meh albums 4/10 - bad albums 3/10-2/10- shit albums 1/10-0/10- funny
♡ comrade ♡
uwu city
hmm today i will roll a boulder up a hill for all of eternity as punishment for my arrogance ♡ give me music recommendations 🔪
100= Masterpiece/ exceedingly unique and influential (or sentimental) 90-95= Extremely good, conceptually excellent and cohesive 80-85= Very good album, clear originality and skill 70-75= Good album, clear skill, possibly conceptually lacking 60-65= Average with good elements (e.g. two or three great songs) 50-55= Average, maybe lacking memorability or originality 40-45= Slightly less than average, multiple under-developed elements 30-35= Don't bother 20-25= Actively avoid 0-15= an earbleed

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