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Hopefulness Blues (or, Prelude for the Biggest Release Week for Music in 2020)

Fleet Foxes, one of the most-hailed modern folk bands. They blend a humble folk instrumentation with a varied, more grand output. It’s tough to describe their overall sound, for each record they’ve put out thus far has been sonically challenging to pinpoint. What’s so ironic about that is that their 2020 surprise record “Shore” is the perfect blend of their debut, “Helplessness ... read more
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I’m just putting a bad score on this album to receive a ton of hate comments. My ego needs more deflating.
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What does it mean to be original?

It’s creating your own sound, utilizing that sound in a creative way, and presenting yourself as a new artist in the music scene. It’s being unique for the sake of doing what you want. For some reason, Gus Dapperton doesn’t fit any of this criteria, yet still makes his way into many a summer soundtrack.

His newest venture, I’ll admit, is a bit more fleshed-out than his debut record, which meandered into nothingness the more it played. ... read more
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Bright and beautiful like an Arizona sunset, Everything Everything follow up their decade long, 4-album run with a strong burst into 2020. Welcome "Re-Animator" to this humble discography!

Swimming in nostalgic and dreamy chord progressions, the band leans into the pop aesthetic even more with crisp arpeggiated synths and drowning-in-reverb vocals. Even though it may seem like they perfected their sound on their widely-agreed magnum opus "Get to Heaven", they are ... read more
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Like this review if you think the Grand Canyon is so fucking beautiful.
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Are we witnessing the birth of a new Elton John + David Bowie combo? Maybe so.
Declan McKenna is a space-faring, intergalactic rockstar on "Zeros", the humble and promising follow-up to his outstanding debut. Few albums retain just a cascading velocity such as this one, as McKenna proves himself to be one of the most powerful artists in pop rock today with the absolutely memorable vocal refrains on this album. His melodies and harmonies ooze such charisma as heard on his last record, ... read more
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You mean to tell me that he had already released nine out of the ten singles already, and I had no idea this entire time apart from the first one? Fool me once, shame on... me?

It's no question that Bill Callahan is one of the most elusive yet celebrated americana artists in the modern age. Starting out with a wider-instrumental pallete transcending that of folk rock, the lonesome cowboy gradually subtracted instruments from the mix until his 2013 record "Dream River", a lonesome ... read more
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I decided to listen to this record during a super busy workday, where I couldn’t change the album for 3 hours.
Bad decision.
The crazy and outlandish nature of this record did not make me feel at ease during the rush, to say the least.
I did, however, listen after, without the outside influences. I feel like I just had to give it a fair play, and I came out with more positives that previously assumed.
And I’ll give the man props, anybody who plays like THAT on a tenor for an hour ... read more
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“Whole New Mess” is a collection of quarantine stylings from her 2019 record “All Mirrors”, this time with a stripped-back and dreamy twist that delivers a nostalgic, sweet experience.
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Welcome back, boys.

Over the course of about a half of a decade, The Lemon Twigs have been bringing back the sounds of the 60s with great enthusiasm. Nostalgia is a great word to describe their overall sound. While most bands use this as a cheap way to appeal to wider audiences, the duo really hone their beautiful craft with not making it sound like a sick joke. Quite possibly their most eclectic and fulfilling tracklist as of yet, the D'Addario brothers compile their most memorable, angelic, ... read more
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Unapologetically suave, sensual, and sexy.

Duckwrth makes other, more unknown neo-soul/pop rap acts, shudder with jealousy, seethe with excitement, and ooze with pure inspiration. While his style isn’t all that interesting alongside his contemporaries, his charisma is unmatched. His energy cannot be contained. So, what’s with his new project?

“SuperGood” does not disappoint on that title. While it’s his most neo-soul and alternative rnb centered record to date, ... read more
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“Delete Yourself!” sounds like it’s absolutely caked in sweat, blood, and booze. It’s rotting at the bottom of a ditch waiting to die, but it’s accepting death with a party.
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If this song were a blowjob, it would be that Samsung Spin-Cycle Sloppy Toppy
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Omg, a woman in the sLums movement!? This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(this is sarcasm)

To be serious, seeing Liv.E live was a pretty cool experience. Alongside MIKE, she opened for Earl Sweatshirt's Fire'd Up Tour in November of 2019. Her stage presence was sexy, with a voice that of an angel. The tracks that she performed were inspired by traditional R&B styling rather than influences from her acquaintances. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to find out about "Couldn't Wait To Tell ... read more
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When I see the AOTY community quoting lines from this album in their reviews, it just goes to show that Phil Elverum is one of the greatest and most quotable songwriters to ever live. He can say literally anything and it would sound poetic.

I’m not complaining, you old dog.

“Microphones in 2020” makes me feel nervous and at ease and the same time. Whether it be the endlessly progressing yet unchanging instrumental, or the softly spoken, touching, depressive, cathartic ... read more
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Aminé reminds me of a creepy swim instructor... is that accurate or weird?

Since 2014, this dude has been grinding to be one of the greatest artists in modern pop rap, only to very little avail. His past two major projects, "Good For You" and "ONEPOINTFIVE", never really solidified themselves sonically over the years, maintaining a mainstream sound alongside a chill delivery from the rapper. Unfortunately, "Limbo" isn't anything different.

What this ... read more
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Diplo’s newest album may possibly be one of the worst albums of 2020, and one of the worst I’ve heard in my entire music discovery journey. So when I saw that Joji was working with him, I’m not going to lie, I pissed my pants.

Regardless of the exaggeration, the moment this was released, I feared for my love of king Joji.

Only being about 2 and a half minutes long, the track has a playful production style with creeping piano hits and ringing guitars. This compliments ... read more
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We step out of the concert hall La Madeleine, varied reactions cast blatantly on each of our faces.

Ryan and Zach are frowning, not angry, just bored.
Josh, Plats, Charlise, and Amy are content, as if they've walked out of a so-so movie.
Michał and spicyb are smiling.
And I stick out like a sore thumb, looking like an anime waifu who just met her Prince Charming.

The Belgian country side peers at us over the quartz-encrusted buildings of downtown Brussels, ... read more
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