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Tristan -
It was quite obvious from the beginning that Billie Eilish's new album "Happier Than Ever" would be significantly more mature than her previous works. You could see this in the name, the cover art, and some of the singles. I've been excited to see this progression of her, and I can say that it is definitely rewarding. This new album, in my opinion, is absolutely better than her debut. It is much more atmospheric, experimental, and memorable. It feels like the record has less filler ... read more

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Tristan -
Matt Elliot is my favorite folk artist of all time. His talent is undeniable, his consistency is commendable, and all of his works are incredibly memorable for their own uniqueness. You would think that with an artist who stays so consistent, and has a discography of one main genre (excluding his ventures under other names) their work would begin to become stale after some time. Matt destroys this assumption by providing extreme and mind-blowing experimentation in almost all of his records (you ... read more
Tristan -
Hey everyone, Tristan here!
Today is my birthday and also the day I am releasing my sophomore album "Synthetic Nature."

I've been working on this record for a little over 6 months now, practically ever since I released my debut. There are a lot of differences between this record and my last, however. Synthetic Nature is a techno album, and explores multiple different subgenres, such as Acid techno, Ambient techno, and even some Minimal techno. My last LP was a mixture of ambient and ... read more
Tristan -
This may just be my favorite album of the year thus far. A trip through candy valley, Sweet Trip's new record takes us across a colorful and dreamy electronic landscape over its near 70-minute runtime.

I'm not all that familiar with Sweet Trip's work and was not expecting their newest record to sound how it does at all. I was aware of their "masterpiece" Velocity : Design : Comfort, which I heard was largely electronic and IDM influenced, but their newest record sounds like it ... read more
Tristan -
I've been quite excited to check out the new Twenty One Pilots record, as I'm sure a lot of you can relate to. The duo left us with quite the impression from their last record, Trench, which is arguably their best and most impressive to date. The combination of pop-rock and more experimental rock/rap was very tasteful in that album, and the end result was a very solid and enjoyable experience. Scaled and Icy isn't completely different from this, but it is no doubt a unique experience.
The two ... read more
Tristan -
I'm back! What better way to return than by reviewing one of the most controversial records on RYM (and AOTY I suppose)?
What goes into the creation of a "perfect" album? I'd like to believe that it is nothing more than true passion and effort, though I know it is much more complex than that. A minimalistic approach, such as this one, always leave me with more questions than they provide answers. Though this is never necessarily a bad thing, as the point of art isn't always to be ... read more


Aug 2, 2021
Hey Tristan, I’m making a list named AOTY’s favorite concerts and I would love if you could participate in it!

If you want to participate in the list, you need to include the name of the artist, album toured
(or your favorite album of theirs if it was not a specific record being toured), and sum up your experiences in a few sentences.

I hope you have a great day, and thank you for considering.
Aug 1, 2021
@Tristan Appreciate ya :))
Jul 28, 2021
appreciate the follow bro
Jul 22, 2021
Thank you so much! 😊
Jul 22, 2021
Thanks for follow! :)
Jul 22, 2021
Yo Tristan, I haven't listened to Absence yet, but it's on my short list, so I'll come back to you soon to give you my opinion
I'm not an EAI specialist, but I like to venture out. Each time it's an amazing, mesmerizing, particularly rewarding experience
I admire this ability to propose concepts, to express things through sounds that we are never used to hearing
Jul 19, 2021
What is your favorite album from each year, 2001-2021
Jul 16, 2021
thanks for following!!!!!
Jul 11, 2021
I completely agree, YouTube has allowed me to find so many fantastic artists that I now enjoy, it's a great place for discovering music right now!! I will start with 'Ravedeath 1972' as soon as I can, sounds super interesting, thank you so much for the recommendation!! After I finish it, I'll listen to 'Apollo' from Brian Eno!! Again, thank you for the recommendations!! :)
Jul 11, 2021
Jazz slaps, what can I say?

In all seriousness though, thanks for the kind words man. It means a lot, truly


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