King Krule - Man Alive!
Nov 20, 2020 (updated Nov 21, 2020)
1,000 followers. I am shocked and incredibly grateful to sit here today, reaching my all-time milestone of a thousand followers. Ever since I started reviewing records on AOTY, this goal always seemed too far out of reach- something that was merely a dream. After roughly 272 days (around 9 months) of being a member of the AOTY community, I've finally hit this outstanding goal. I simply cannot thank all of you enough: to all of the people who have followed me, liked my reviews, interacted with me, or supported me in any way, thank you. I wouldn't be here without you all.

Now, why "Man Alive" by King Krule?
Well, this is actually the first record I ever reviewed on AOTY. My original score of it was 80.
-The original review was this:
"A very good and relaxing album from King Krule. The high points of this album are absolutely beautiful, and the album starts off amazingly with my favorite track Cellular."
It's very interesting for me to go back and look at old reviews like this. It's nice to see how much I have improved, largely thanks to your help! My experiences on the website have made me a much more advanced and detailed writer. They have also allowed me to analyze and record my thoughts on music significantly more specifically and better than ever before. I'm incredibly thankful for how much this website has provided for me, and I'm glad to help out with the community to return some favors.

I have many individuals on this website which I would like to publicly thank (and even some bands). I think this is probably the most important part of this review, so I will be putting it first. If you would like to read my actual review of "Man Alive" then please scroll down and skip the thanks sections. I hope you enjoy reading! And also, if I didn't put your name below that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you, it just means I may have forgotten or not interacted with you enough. I appreciate you all!

-----------------------------*Main Thanks*-----------------------------
(Some people may be put multiple times in my thanks areas, as I may have different reasons to thank them).

I'd like to thank Bradley first. The reason is because, without him, I would have never found out about this website in the first place.
Thanks to his (fantastic) reaction videos, I discovered AOTY and quickly became part of the community.
I'm glad that he can be a source for many others to discover AOTY as well, as I believe this to be the best album/music reviewing website out there. RYM just doesn't quite do it for me.
"Bad Taste In Music/Rad Taste In Music" -Mr. Tan

Kengoji was the first real friend I ever made on AOTY. He's been incredibly nice and supportive to me the entire time I've known him.
He's been a massive help in the creation of The Collective, which I truly can't thank him enough for.
Kengoji has also helped introduce me to some new genres and styles of music I would have likely never even thought of.
"Kengoji? More like kenPOGi," -Mr. Tan

Nug! Nug is easily one of the most underrated reviewers on this entire website. Please, do yourself a favor and go check his reviews out. He's always been very supportive and friendly towards me and other members of The Collective, which is why he was one of the easiest choices.
Also- let's not forget: Nug is the reason for The Collective's name! Yes, he is the creator of the name, and I personally think that the name is fantastic and extremely fitting.
"Nugget," -Mr. Tan

One of the biggest names on the website, I thank Trey for a similar reason as I did Bradley. He helped me get into AOTY more than I expected, and his reviews have always been an inspiration.
Plus, he has recently joined The Collective, which I think is wonderful. I always thought we would be a great addition, and he is already proving himself to be so.
"TristanLikesBands," -Mr. Tan

The second user to ever follow me on AOTY, CLJesse has always proved to be worthy of a following with her reviews and ratings.
She has been a great friend and a fantastic member of The Collective.
"Vibing," -Mr. Tan

PipePanic has been a massive influence and inspiration for me ever since the start of my AOTY journey. He has written some absolutely fantastic and detailed reviews, and is also a great member of The Collective.
"Ducky flipper" - Mr. Tan

DoubleZ has got to be one of the most dedicated members of the AOTY community.
The amount of fantastic reviews he pumps out is genuinely incredible, I'd mark him as being one of the most important people on this website. He has always been a huge inspiration to me!
"God himself" - Mr. Tan

Dominic has been a big support throughout my time on AOTY.
A simple thank you to him for being one of the best reviewers on the website and also very friendly!
"Rollercoaster man" - Mr. Tan
*Kicks him in the stomach*

Maqtheus has probably liked more of my reviews than anyone else on the website!
Extremely supportive and very consistent. Although I do not speak Brazilian, I've been able to read a few of his reviews through google translate and they are great!
"As supportive as a beam is to a building," - Mr. Tan

Did you also not realize that his name had i's in it and not l's? Crazy stuff. Anyways,
Weasel has always been supportive of my reviews, for a very long time now. I've always appreciated his reviews as well, and I think he has some pretty great takes.
"Very cooi guy," -Mr. Tan

The first user to ever put a comment on my profile.
Dafigz is a massively underrated reviewer on AOTY, he has been a very active and well constructed reviewer for a long time.
"Is your name in reference to the fruit? As In, are you essentially saying "The Figs?" Or, is it instead a reference to the clothing brand "Figs?" Are you referencing both of these? Or are you referencing neither at all, and instead just thought that the name sounded cool? I need an answer ASAP, my life depends on it," -Mr. Tan

Nostalgia was actually the very first person to ever follow my AOTY account, which I appreciate greatly.
Although we haven't personally communicated very much, I appreciate his fantastic reviews and analysis.
"Very c00l guy," -Mr. Tan

He was my 1,000th follower!

Thank you to all members of the collective:
@Kengoji, @Nug, @Supertartory, @MikeOwen, @flamingooooo, @Okcomputer12127, @CLJesse, @PipePanic, @MattsReviews, @TomBejoy, @louisomahoney, and @Treylikesbands.
I've loved leading this group so much, and I hope that everyone is enjoying their time in it. Although it is still fairly new I believe that we are growing at a great pace and learning a lot.

----------------------------------*Extra Thanks*----------------------------------

@earcandy @plats @hawk- @mickyt @doofy @mastercrackfox @thedankestmeme @m3gawatt @chode @marvelgaryen @implicitdoom @jaycrackers @21stcenturyschi @case @toasterqueen12 @redbded @jacksonlerner @nanaonsen @noz @spicyb @foxinthecity @pickle @fucktobymaguire @slush-puppy @cry @elitimesfour

-----------------------------*Bands/Artists Thanks*-----------------------------

-Cage The Elephant
Cage the elephant was the first band that I really got into. They introduced me to the world of alternative rock, and their album "Melophobia" was the first full album I had ever really listened to. Finding CTE was the first domino in a large series, eventually leading to this moment.

After starting to get into music, I discovered the 3 massive singles "Kids" "Electric Feel" and "Time To Pretend." I absolutely loved (and still do love) these songs. They represent the era that they were made almost perfectly. Anyways, I quickly got interested in all of MGMT's other work. Their album "Congratulations" is an extremely important record for me, it is one that has influenced my musical taste great amounts and helped me discover many new bands and styles.

I absolutely have to thank Radiohead. Radiohead has been my favorite band for an incredible amount of time, they are my most streamed band, I've written the most about them, and I've enjoyed their music the most of any artist/band. Discovering Radiohead was life-changing, and it completely altered how I viewed music as a whole. I am incredibly thankful for these experiences.

Without Ween it is unlikely I would enjoy music nearly as much as I do now. Their album "The Mollusk" was one of the first records I ever reviewed on AOTY and affected my listening experience to music itself greatly. Up until the point of hearing that record I had never enjoyed music nearly as much. It was actually my #1 album for a fairly long time, before being replaced by "In Rainbows" by Radiohead.

I'm putting Daniel here because I believe him to be one of the most underrated artists of all time. Most of you would likely know him from the Minecraft OST (which is one of the best soundtracks of all time), but he has some absolutely amazing personal works. His album "Excursions" helped me get more into ambient/electronic type music, and I can't recommend it enough.

-----------------------------*Actual Review*-----------------------------

Currently, Man Alive! is my second most listened album, and Cellular is my most listened song of all-time. To say the least: I have listened to this album MANY times, and it's extremely good. Man Alive! takes ahold of many different and specific elements to form and evoke a certain emotion/feeling which stays throughout the entirety of the record. To me, it is a bit of a stoner/lazy but introspective look at things. Although many tracks of this album are quite hectic, and some even intense, I find the general feeling to be that of relaxation. However, it's the kind of relaxation you get after sort of "giving up." It's not necessarily a bad thing, as maybe they were giving up on something which they should have left sooner (for example: a toxic relationship). Now, it's important to mention I'm simply talking about the emotion/feelings I receive from the record: it will be different for everyone, and I'm not taking lyrics into account for this.

Now, on the more unbiased side of things: King Krule (Archy Marshall) is an English singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and musician. He's been making music for roughly a decade now, and this is his third LP. I've heard bits and pieces of the other two LPs, but never got interested enough to give them full listens. Man Alive! contains some very psychedelic parts and sections, which are utilized very tastefully in its soundscape. I am personally a massive fan of psychedelic music, so some of these parts were definitely big stand outs for me.

King Krule's vocals in this album are... strange. I can see how they could be very off-putting for some listeners, but if anything, they actually add to the emotion and feeling of the record for me. A lot of them are relatively one-note and he has some really rough vocal passages, but overall it comes together to form the lazy/stoner vibe even better. This is very apparent on the track "Stoned Again" which also happens to be one of my favorite songs on the record.

Speaking of favorite tracks, my personal favorites from this album are: "Cellular" "Stoned Again" "Comet Face" "Alone, Omen 3" "Draag On" "Theme For The Cross" "Underclass" and "Energy Fleets." I feel like a lot of these songs actually sound fairly different from each other, but still manage to connect extremely well in the context of the album. "Theme For The Cross" is quite unlike anything else in the record, though it seems to fit perfectly. As for least favorite songs I don't exactly have any, In fact I enjoy every single song on this record (just some a bit more than others).

-----------------------------COVER ART REVIEW-----------------------------
Cover Art: (95/100)
-This is pretty strange cover art from Mr. King Krule. It's one of those album covers that work extremely well with the album but are very hard to describe why exactly that is. The character depicted in the art sort of matches the emotion and feeling which I often find myself falling into during a listening of this record. Also, the color choices are truly perfect. I absolutely love these four main colors: red, black, blue, and white, to create a very apparent but fitting contrast.

P.S. Thank you all again so, so, so much!
Also, sorry about not reviewing/rating a whole lot recently. I've been very busy with school but hopefully I'll start reviewing more soon! (:
Nov 20, 2020
This many people never hated Tristan → ❤️️ 1k
Nov 20, 2020
The verification changed him 🙄🙄 anyone else notice?
Nov 20, 2020
Congrats, man!
Nov 20, 2020
Congrats on 1k!!!!!!!!!!! Great review as well!
Nov 20, 2020
<3 gg
Nov 20, 2020
Congrats!!! :)
Nov 20, 2020
Congrats! Great review as usual
Nov 20, 2020
Thanks for including me in the extra thanks section!
Nov 20, 2020
<3 you're an awesome reviewer who I always check out every review for, keep shining king
Nov 20, 2020
Congrats on 1k, you're a great reviewer and it was well deserved!
Nov 20, 2020
Congratulations on 1K! You have grown so much as a writer and personality on the website. I am so grateful to be apart on The Collective and hang out with you!
Nov 20, 2020
congrats! thanks for the mention!
Nov 20, 2020
Nov 20, 2020
Thanks for the shoutout man! And yeah, those are is. Wanted my name to be all lowercase so I had to finesse Rob a bit
Nov 21, 2020
hell yeah man congrats on 1k, you deserve it a ton :)
Nov 21, 2020
Congratulations Tristan! You deserve all this credit as an amazing reviewer and an even better person🌸
Nov 21, 2020
congratulations on the 1000 followers Tristan!
Nov 21, 2020
Congratulations and great review!
Nov 21, 2020
Nov 21, 2020
^^^^ what he said ^^^^
Nov 21, 2020
Oh thanks man :)
Nov 21, 2020
Sorry for the delay I didn't see !! 1000 followers! Nice stage! Congratulations Tristan, keep up the good work and be as passionate as you are! Thank you very much for the mention and your words, I appreciate it very much!
Nov 21, 2020
Congratulations! You deserve every follower <3
Nov 21, 2020
Swagtastic! Keep swagging my swagger!
Nov 21, 2020
No one deserves 1K more then you buddy, Congratulations!
Nov 22, 2020
Congrats man, well deserved
Nov 25, 2020
Congratulations on 1000 followers! :)
Dec 4, 2020
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented and liked on this review. I really appreciate you all! <3
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