Weezer - OK Human
Jan 29, 2021 (updated Feb 2, 2021)
Alright, I'll admit it. I was wrong.
Not super wrong, but still wrong.
"Ok Human" has grown on me a lot after a few more listens, and I must say that I do pull more enjoyment out of this record now. A lot of these songs are quite catchy and I don't find the production nearly as annoying anymore. Some of my complaints still stand though, especially about the lyrics. Just aren't really my thing. Glad to say that I do thoroughly enjoy some parts of this album though!

Original review (rating of 50):

I uh... I don't know...
I felt conflicted going into this album, and I still feel conflicted as of writing this review.
In general, I feel like this is a fascinating step. It's an album full of genuinely interesting and (some) relatively unique ideas that are plagued with poor lyricism, extremely underwhelming production, and generally uninteresting delivery.
Also, why the hell does almost every single song sound like it ends before it should have? Bleh, anyway:
There was no song on this album that I loved.
However, there was no song on this album that I hated.
Therefore, it is quite "mid" right?
Well sometimes it isn't as simple as that, and I'd rather not just give this a 50 and move on.

Before I get into this... I'd like to just say: no hate intended. If you like this album, then good for you. I really don't mind at all. This is all just coming from my perspective and how I viewed the album, it's likely we won't agree on everything.

Let me talk about the "underwhelming" production.
Nothing really hits in this entire record the way I feel like Weezer intended. These emotional moments feel a bit muddied and watered down, likely an unfortunate effect of overproduction. Everything meshes together a bit too much to really feel the distinct and impactful moments.
But then... there are also times where the production shines, such as on the track "Dead Roses."
This gooey production actually sort of highlights the entire track here, and I think it works pretty well. If only it worked this well for most of the tracks.

What about the lyricism?
Well, it's fine I guess. It's got some good moments, it's got some bad moments.
Not going to lie though, I was pretty much immediately turned off when I heard:
"And I haven't washed my hair in three weeks
I should get back to these Zoom interviews"

The vocals?
They are fine. I think it can be a bit distracting with how "immature" Rivers can sound (though I know that can be some of the appeal), especially when going through passages which are obviously meant to be quite serious.

Uhhh... hmmm.
What else is there to mention?
Well, this whole idea of the "Ok Computer" thing is a bit silly to me. No matter how you look at it, it's not the most flattering thing on Weezer's end. Obviously this album doesn't stand even in the same realm as Ok Computer, and I just think the naming was a bit useless especially when it doesn't really have a whole lot to do with the album itself.

I guess that is pretty much everything.
It's not bad, it's not good. I guess it is just sort of meh.
There are moments here that make me roll my eyes, but also moments that make me bob my head.
It's a fine record. I normally wouldn't write a review for something which I felt so "meh" on, but I feel like this was a bit of a unique circumstance, and I wanted to review something tonight.

Cover Art: (80/100)
I like how it looks though I will admit it can appear quite cluttered at times, especially when viewing it in smaller form.
It matches fine with the album itself, though not incredibly well. Nothing to write home about.

I ended up just giving this a 50 and moving on.
Jan 29, 2021
Love this review! :)
Jan 29, 2021
Thank you very much!
Jan 29, 2021
Rivers is a boomer, but a funny boomer, and I understand where you're coming from but blue also has these silly lyrics in which I am already used to. Anyways, great review even though you have a bad opinion!111!!11!1
Jan 29, 2021
@luckloose Thanks! I can definitely see why you would enjoy this album, just isn't for me I suppose.
Jan 29, 2021
Hey! I get that :) I hope van weezer changes your mind even though the cover art looks AWFUL
Jan 29, 2021
@luckloose Me too actually, I am a little excited for that record. And yeah... that cover art screams "graphic design is my passion" lol. Hopefully it isn't representative of the sound we will get
Jan 29, 2021
THE COVER ART IS SO FUNNY TO ME :) and alsooooo we can only hope
Jan 30, 2021
Amazing review. I gotta listen to this album lol
Feb 2, 2021
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