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The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
May 23, 2020 (updated Jan 18, 2023)
"Magical Mystery Tour" is a great psychedelic inclusion in The Beatles discography. I liked practically every moment of this, and if it only had more cohesion and slightly less filler it would likely be a perfect album for me. The psychedelic experience of this album was not exactly the best, considering that most of the songs don't fit all that well together. This causes the flow of the album to suffer slightly, but luckily none of the songs here are bad at all. The record to still works well and allows for a very enjoyable listen, even if it doesn't all quite make sense.

It is impossible for me to not talk about one specific song here, and that is "Strawberry Fields Forever." I feel as though I could write a full essay on this song, as it is easily the best song on the record (for me). In fact, this song works so well I would definitely list it as one of, if not, my favorite Beatles song of all time.
This song is essentially a perfect psychedelic masterpiece. Every single aspect of this song, down to the millisecond, is perfect and works ridiculously well. The Beatles managed to make an extremely psychedelic song very accessible and catchy, which is quite astounding (especially for the time). I could listen to this song a thousand times and barely get tired of it.
Also, although this has nothing to do with the album or the song itself, I love the music video for it. It really shows the Beatles just having a great time and the many effects and visuals work great with the psychedelic feel of the song.

"Strawberry Fields Forever" is not the only standout on this record. Two others are definitely "I Am The Walrus" (which will likely make you question your sanity) and "Blue Jay Way" which are both individual, unique, psychedelic experiences. Quite honestly I wish The Beatles had a record full of songs exactly like these, I believe I would enjoy that quite a lot.

Overall, another great record from The Beatles and a great addition to their discography. I probably should not have listened to this record before "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" but after hearing "Strawberry Fields Forever" alone I knew I had to check this out. I will likely be doing Sgt Peppers next.

Cover Art Rating: 7/10
I like this cover art, and it represents the feeling and sound of the record very well (especially the first song, which is the title track).

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