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Editor-in-Chief of film site , host of music podcast 808s & Podbreaks, available anywhere fine podcasts are downloaded.
He/Him - I'm New Here - My Name's Not Actually Ken ^ = Best * = Worst RATINGS 98 -100 = MASTAHPIECE 90 - 97 = AMAZING 80 - 89 = GREAT 70 - 79 = GOOD 60 - 69 = DECENT 50 - 59 = MEDIOCRE 40 - 49 = BAD 30 - 39 = AWFUL 0 - 29 = don't even bother - i hate words - Me no hablo ingles
just an artist reviewing music
music is everything. 100 - ALL-TIME FAVORITES 90-99 - Masterpieces 80-89 - Amazing albums 70-79 - Good albums to listen to 60-69 - I like them. 50-59 - Pretty average. There are a few standouts but pretty forgettable 21-49 - Disappointing albums. 0-20 - Basura
Aleksey Chuplashkin
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*THIS IS NOT THE REAL ARTV/JON FROM ARTV. I'm a superfan who wants to submit all his scores/reviews from his channel I'm using his album reviews, song reviews, or through any other videos in which he gives his thoughts on some music. I plan to do it chronologically, but I'll update it if a new review comes up. I also plan on making list of his best/worst albums and songs of a year and use the Library section as any vinyls he has collected (based off of his Vinyl Collection Update videos).
I'm JohnnyBear, I'm a big music nerd and an amateur musician. I listen to most genres, but my blindspots mainly consist of rap/hip-hop, and some country.. But I'm open to most things musically. Reviews to come! Fav Genres: (Anything pretty much) Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Folk, Latin, Acoustic, Ambient, Psych-Rock, Drone, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Avantgarde, and non-traditional genres. I also like to create my own music, using a lot of experimental samples.
Welcome to my humble reviews Here's my ratings: 100 - There's nothing that you could do to make this better than it already is 99-90 - Fantastic, Front to Back enjoyment 89-80 - Very Good, Enjoyable throughout 79-70 - Pretty Good with small flaws 69-60 - Mostly Good with more flaws 59-50 - Pretty Mid lot of flaws 49-40 - Not Enjoyable 39-30 - Kinda Bad 29-20 - Very Bad 19-10 - Disgustingly Bad 9-1 - Unlistenable 0 - Fascinatingly Bad, should be studied
20, UK, music enthusiast and aspiring musician. Occasionally review stuff. Open to any and all genres! Library = Vinyl
i like music
21, he/him Hello! I'm a Ninetales music lover that's into a bit of everything! Expect more reviews from me soon. I have moved from RYM to here, so expect some more activity here from now on.
amante do punk, rock, pop, bossa nova e alternativo. <3
Hi! I'm Roi and I love music, so this website is perfect for me. Look forward to getting to know you! (Also known as TURQUOISEDEATH)
From Poland. Worst reviews on the site.
I rate stuff based on 3 individual sets of 1-100, which I then average and grade. 1 - forget there's any other artist or album out there. if this was the first musical piece I ever heard, how'd I rate its execution? 2 - on a scale of 0 to 100, 0 being The Revenge of Hobo Johnson and 100 being Revolver, how'd I rate this? 3 - without relying on the quality of production and overall creativity or how innovative it is, did I like this album? that's kind of it.
An African girl with a huge passion for all kinds of great music. Kate Bush and David Bowie are my music mother and father. Charles Mingus and Nina Simone are my heroes.
singles only account. for albums -> @pedroinhawaii
Hi! I am way too positive of a music reviewer and am working on becoming a bigger nerd and being more critical of music! I love every band the critics love and Oasis.
Normal rating scale Library is vinyl/Cd collection Album recommendations are always welcome Joker phase
Здравья желаю, дорогой аутист, с тобой я Валетов Виталий Валерьевич. У меня тут пока пусто, но в будущем будет много альбомов и рецензий, возможно даже списки с альбомами начну делать. Люблю музыку в общем. Хорошая вещь эта ваша музыка. Старый акк : ВК :
listando o que gosto.
tengo 69 seguidores ctm soy kevin de the office inglés de la corneta/español 100 = masterpiece 90-99 = the favorites 80-89 = enjoyable/well done albums 70-79 = i liked it 60-69 = decent 50-59 = mediocre/generic 40-49 = shit 20-39 = shit 0-19 = don't listen
An idiot, who has some opinions about records as you can see you may go explosive on the ratings I have I'm a casual listener first as you can see my 100s are amazing.
music is pretty cool currently re-reviewing a bunch of my first ratings with a different mindset and rating style
Been writing about music since the late 00s Decided to move all my reviews here You might recognize my writing
aloha I like to like music, so I tend to only review records that I know I will probably enjoy. There may be some exceptions, of course, but y'know... gaming. I play drums, guitar, bass, and the fucking t r o m b o n e, 𝒷𝒾𝓉𝒸𝒽. I also have a YouTube channel where I do custom charts for Clone Hero, feel free to hop by! :) He/They, 𝖕𝖆𝖓𝖘𝖊𝖝𝖚𝖆𝖑
Ranking System: 100: One of the best pieces of music I've ever heard 98: Near 100 95: One of my favorites 90: Amazing 80: Great 70: Good 60: Alright 50: Okay 40: Meh 30: Not Good 20: Bad 10: Really Bad 0: One of the worst pieces of music I've ever heard ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really like music and I am trying to introduce myself into more new music during summer and I will rank everything I will listen to.
Se você não gosta de RAM do Paul McCartney então você não gosta de mim, simples assim! Eu não uso o e sim o
Just rating stuff I listen to based on my overall enjoyment.
Thanks for 420 🌚 After some years of avid music listening, I am finally comfortable saying that Destroyer is my all time favorite artist! ❤️ ♥️ 💜 I don’t typically rate albums I don’t like, so mostly a display of what I like to varying degrees. Some disappointments I looked forward to may get bad ratings. Check out my Letterboxd, it’s got about 1/5th of the movies I’ve seen.

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