- Empyrean Isles
Happy Thursday!

Well, its been a rough 11 weeks since I've liked an album, but here comes Herbie!

My mom is a Hancock fan so most of this album is already familiar. Particularly "Cantaloupe Island" which is just a simple, sweet, awesome track that I've enjoyed having stuck in my head all week. "Oliloqui Valley" is my other favorite, specifically how it builds up again from the bass solo in the last two minutes. And "One Finger Snap" is a quality bop, and ... read more

 - The Heart Part 5
uma das melhores musicas dum dos melhores artistas dessa geração, obra prima.
Banger. Great feature with Danny brown
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cause i have crippling brain disease, gonna make another list. this time for the doot doots that convey raw emotion and beauty just as much as they convey horror and utter devastation, this is every ...
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I made this same exact list almost 2 years ago! I love looking back at this list as it sparks such bubbly feelings as we remember these comforting albums that make us feel good! ...
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