Oreox4 - For You to Decide
Nov 27, 2020
Oreox4 shows a lot of talent with his production on this album. The somewhat heavenly feel of most of the songs really match with the titles and album cover. This project is pretty consistent with its sound, allowing it to put the listener in a mood, but not too alike to annoy the listener. While a 6 would be the most appropriate rating seeing how I enjoyed 2/3's of the project. But the overall solid production allows me to bump it up a little bit. I think this album couldn't have been shortened by about 3-4 tracks though. The two tracks featuring rapping are not only jarring when compared to the rest of the tracklist. Seasons Past went on for too long for me and Voices just felt like a shorter and worse version of Season Past. But other than those 4 tracks I was presently surprised by the interesting sounds (including a saxophone) and some good sampling. While some different drums could've been appreciated overall I was happy with this project and the mood it provided. Good job.
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Nov 27, 2020
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