Jan 20, 2019
A great album. I really enjoyed the melodies and the atmospheric production on this. An album on love and looking back at past memories.
Faves:Comeback Kid, Seventeen, I Told You Everything
Jan 20, 2019
Surprisingly high energy and really fun debut from Maggie. Very thoughtful songwriting as well makes this really stand out for me. I really enjoyed this, especially the theme of change and the various ways we react to change. Both in ourselves and in the people around us.
Faves: Fallingwater, The Knife, Alaska
Jan 20, 2019
A cute debut album from Alice. Generally fun and pretty consistent pop record. Nice vocals and production.The writing is very simple and a bit empty especially in some of the hooks. No Roots is a real standout and defines the general energy and theme of the album.
Faves: No Roots, Funny Business
Jan 14, 2019*
Different from what I'd expected. I like the dream pop elements in their sound and the vocal production. Themes are not edgy as the titles make them seem. Generally an okay debut
Faves: Acid & Coca-Cola, Trust No 1, Winona
Jan 14, 2019
A mixed bag for me. Elements of this was pretty fun especially the drums on a few tracks and the vocals. However the slower songs didn't mix well with the more pop ones for me.
Fave: Get Out of the Room, Water Cooler
Jan 14, 2019
A pleasant debut. The songs blend together nicely and the production is pretty consistent. There just isn't much to separate each track from the other outside a few.
Fave: Not So Proud
Jan 11, 2019
A mostly acoustic album shows that gnash is not a good singer mostly. The album which is mostly on heartbreak and other sad emotions feels flat and lifeless just because of gnash's singing and the empty lyrics. i hate u I love u is the best track on this but entirely for the guest singer
Dec 31, 2018
The added tracks are cute bops but Begging and Roses are really great and standout so much more for me
Dec 15, 2018
Some good moments in the first half but it all goes downhill with Malcolm X.X.X. Terrible idea for a song
Dec 15, 2018
The first two tracks really don't match the rest of the EP. I guess he was going for something darker but failed at it. the less tryhard songs were pretty good
Dec 15, 2018
Feels like a collection of random single, some good and some lifeless. Home and Start a Riot were favorites on this
Dec 15, 2018
There's sort of a concept here and some pretty decent songs. But the length of the project turns it into a boring chore to listen. The idea of the first half being romantic and optimistic and the 2nd half being darker fails since the production is either tropical pop or the same old weeknd esque beats.
Fave: Let Me.. a great song wasted on a terrible/ lazily put together project
Dec 15, 2018
Really happy this got put on streaming. Princess Nokia has always been willing to put her foot in as many genres as possible and it's shown on her 2014 mixtape. Some really fun tracks and others thoughtful with interesting production. My fave moments are definitely the bops on this though
Faves: Cybiko, Dragons, Versace Hottie (I really think she listened to Azealia/ Nicki right before making this)
Dec 11, 2018
A really lively album. the vocals got grating at times but still so much fun
Fave: Die for your love
Dec 2, 2018
Really great writing on this. very personal and makes even the more quiet moments enjoyable and heartfelt.
Faves: (You're Better) Than Ever, Shape of My Hands, Paying Off The Happiness
Dec 1, 2018
Great EP. Really love the production and Chloe has some great vocals
Dec 1, 2018
Her writing is amazing but her production is constantly a let down
Dec 1, 2018
Past hits and the rest filler. I Miss You and Symphony are really great songs and they pretty much save this project. Baby is my favorite from the newer tracks. Everything else uses the same formula and nothing really exciting comes out of these collaborations. Playboy Style should have been on the standard tracklist
Dec 1, 2018*
I'm not as satisfied with the production as I typically am with a Daughter project (the atmosphere is less consuming and there are more trip hop elements) but Elena's writing is as gorgeous as ever.
Edit: the writing is really hitting me. Very poetic and emotional. The tracks feel so personal
Faves: Romance, The Dazzler
Dec 1, 2018
Pretty okay debut album from DaniLeigh however not much stood out for me and her tone can be pretty monotonous
Fave: Can't Relate, Family Only
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