Injury Reserve - Drive It Like It's Stolen
Apr 7, 2023
Even on a shorter release, Injury Reserve still goes this distance.

Drive It Like It's Stolen is Injury Reserve's sole EP, released in 2017 between their arguably their two most "accessible" records, Floss and self-titled, and this EP serves to be almost a transitional point into their slightly more experimental ventures seen on self-titled. Here on this EP, we hear the group go for much more west coast hip-hop influences than before, with ventures into hip-house, hyphy, trap, and abstract hip-hop, all too relatively solid success. Also with being an EP, it's relatively tighter structure makes for pretty easy listening, and while this record may not hit the exact same highs some of the full length ventures hit, it still ultimately provides plenty of great experimental/alternative hip-hop tracks.

The lyrical content of this record is pretty varied across the entirety of the record. We get our tracks that are reminiscent of the more carefree lyrics presented on Floss with a track like See You Sweat, a hyphy west coast banger that is reminiscent of fellow west coast artists such as Vince Staples sound presented on some tracks on Big Fish Theory or FM!, where the band members bring more of a party banger to the mix. There are tracks where IR brings up their influence and dominance in the hip-hop scene in tracks such as the hip-house inspired intro track TenTenths or the trappier cut Boom (X3). They even bring in more introspective or conscious sides to some of these tracks with 91 Cadillac DeVille, where Ritchie and Groggs bring up some of the things they are reminiscing about from the past, such as Groggs first car or various little events that brings nostalgia back to them. North Pole is easily the standout track on this record when it comes to this introspective side to the record, where Ritchie and Groggs bring out more of the things that have tormented them in their lives, with Groggs discussing things such as his alcohol abuse or desperation to provide money for his family, and Ritchie making his verse a voicemail about his deceased friend whom he misses dearly, over some lo-fi, poignant abstract hip-hop production from Parker, undoubtedly a gem in the group's discography, and only hits harder with Groggs' passing. They also dive into more of a conscious side with the song Colors, discussing the difficulties minorities face in everyday societal situations, and while Ritchie claims "the grass gets greener" on the hook, there's a lot of progress still to be made.

But yeah, otherwise, Drive It Like It's Stolen is a short, simpler EP fo the group, showing their overall skills as a group in a tight, multifaceted manner that provides for a quick and easy listen from front to back. While it may not be their strongest release by any means, it has plenty of strong tracks on it that continue to showcase their strengths as a group.


See You Sweat-85
91 Cadillac DeVille-75

Boom (X3)-66
North Pole-93
Chin up(Outro)-76

Track Ratings
1TenTenths / 77
2See You Sweat / 85
391 Cadillac DeVille / 75
4Boom (X3) / 66
5North Pole / 93
6Colors / 81
7Chin up (Outro) / 76
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