Westside Gunn - And Then You Pray For Me
An artistic step into a more mainstream direction, with mixed results

Oh yeah, we back. Griselda has been having quite an odd year to say the least, as we really haven't heard from Griselda much this year. I mean, Conway has been dropping as much as Youngboy(to very inconsistent results), Benny hasn't dropped anything and has been teasing his record for the entire year, Boldy James has dropped like two ok records, and Rome just dropped recently, but even then, this is pretty tame for Griselda ... read more

Offset - SET IT OFF
An unkempt, sloppy trap record that also provides a lot of bangers in a few pockets.

BLAME IT ON SET is the newest record from Atlanta trap artist Offset, following a falling out with Migos and Takeoff's untimely death last year. Following these unfortunate events, Offset went somewhat under the radar, and now, is back with a statement, with these 21 tracks and hour of content. How does it turn out? Ultimately bloated and a mixed bag in many areas, but offers enough to keep Migos fans ... read more

Drake - For All The Dogs
Oh look, Drake dropped a Drake album, what a surprise!!!!

Yep, we're baaaaaaaaack. After about a year from Drake's last record, being his collaborative effort with 21 Savage, "Her Loss", a genuinely decent record from Drake that felt like a slight return to form for our favorite Canadian goober, I was actually looking somewhat forward to whatever Drake was gonna throw at us next. After a few months of teasing "For All The Dogs", it was clear that Drake was back in album ... read more

James Blake - Playing Robots into Heaven
James Blake embarks on a spiritual journey of self-healing and liberation on his newest album, showcasing this by reaching into his more electronic roots and crafting some of his most experimental music since the self-titled era.

Playing Robots Into Heaven is the newest record from UK R&B and electronic singer/producer James Blake, following some massive features over the course of the year, with appearances on UTOPIA, Love Sick, and the SpiderVerse soundtrack. With these higher profile ... read more

Slowdive - everything is alive
A lukewarm return for the legendary dream pop band.

Slowdive is back once again, following 6 years of studio silence from their self titled record, for a set of 8 new, dreamy pop and shoegaze record that sees the band leaning on more indie and post rock sounds to cruise them through these 8 tracks and 40 minute runtime. In this runtime, we get a handful of pretty solid tracks, with a few luls that keep the record from being the most special thing in the world.

Obviously Slowdive are known for ... read more

Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
A mixed bag of a pop rock record with a few eccentric highlights.

Olivia Rodrigo's second studio album, GUTS, is one that caught my attention as the former Disney star went into instant superstardom following her breakout single "driver's license" and her debut album "SOUR", which I never personally got to but heard some positive things about. I felt like I needed to get to this one since this is easily one of the biggest records of the year, and yeah, unfortunately I'm not ... read more

Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape
A record that feels incredibly creative and unique at points for the Philly trap artist that unfortunately suffers from being just too damn long.

Pink Tape is the newest record from Philadelphia trap legend Lil Uzi Vert, following a 3 year hiatus and continuous hype and buildup following their prolific streak in 2020 with Eternal Atake, LUV Vs The World 2, and their collab record with Future known as Pluto x Baby Pluto. Since then, Uzi has been hitting us with features and singles to boot, and ... read more

Genesis Owusu - STRUGGLER
A reflective, somewhat absurdist, yet uniquely enthralling journey that details the struggles of life very well. Oh, and the music is pretty fire too.

STRUGGLER is the newest record from Australian musical juggernaut Genesis Owusu. Following a pretty unique debut record with "Smiling With No Teeth", Genesis would see himself dropping a few singles before this record, which leads us here. On STRUGGLER, Genesis keeps himself a little more confined within catchy dance punk and post punk ... read more

Travis Scott - UTOPIA
On the long awaited UTOPIA, Travis continues to assert his dominance in modern trap and hip-hop, crafting his most variable and darkest set of tracks to date, which take influence from a plethora of different artists, sounds, and movements across the 75 minute experience of this record.

It's still crazy to think that this is really out after all this waiting. As a huge Travis fan, this was a record I had been anticipating for a while, but also felt very scared about when almost each feature ... read more

Blur - The Ballad of Darren
Before I start this review, I just want to address a few things.

Firstly, thank you all for 300 followers. I really appreciate all the constant support over these past two years, I'm really glad to be a part of this community and I feel like I've found out a lot about myself within that time. I've found out about a lot of new, great music, talked to a lot of great, talented people, and continue to enjoy my experiences on this website, so I thank each and every one of you for this.

Secondly, ... read more

Quavo - Rocket Power
A heartfelt tribute record to Takeoff that shows Quavo making some of his most reflective and adventurous tracks to date.

Rocket Power is Quavo's second solo studio album, following a 5 year wait between this and his debut solo record, Quavo Huncho, a record that was ultimately very messy and lacked a lot of the personality that makes Quavo such a force within the trap scene. However, on Rocket Power, Quavo makes some of his most memorable and artistically substantial tracks to date, thanks to ... read more

Post Malone - AUSTIN

Welp, Posty is back, and he returns following his massively dissapointing "Twelve Carat Toothache" record from last year, which saw the pop rap star turn to more pop oriented songs. On AUSTIN, Posty embraces his pop side, to unfortunately mixed results, mostly to his detriment.

I'm not gonna say that Posty doesn't have the skill in him to make a few fun pop hits here and there, because he does so a handful of times throughout this record. This comes when Posty's vocals and ... read more

George Clanton - Ooh Rap I Ya
An airy, otherworldly experience from George Clanton, even if it gets lost in it's psychedelia at times.

George Clanton is back after a bit of a hiatus, following a collab record in 2020 and his previous studio album, Slide, being released in 2018. With Ooh Rap I Ya, George continues to be one of the stronger acts in the chillwave and neo-psychedelia scene, even if he gets lost in his own atmospheres at times.

The beginning of this record is super super enjoyable, and brings out some of ... read more

More of the same from modern day Thugger, with a few slightly more eclectic production choices.

BUSINESS IS BUSINESS is the newest full length LP from trap legend Young Thug, and his first record since his incarceration with YSL in 2022. Obviously, with Thugger in jail and no confirmed release date, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS is comprised of previously unreleased tracks from the So Much Fun era all the way to the PUNK or post-PUNK(see what I did there?) era prior to his incarceration. The record is ... read more

Killer Mike - MICHAEL
A very raw and personal hip-hop record at many points, and at other times, a little unfocused.

Well damn, Killer Mike is back, and he's back with a solo album. This is Mike's first solo album in over a decade, following the incredible run he had with his previous studio album, R.A.P. Music and the 4 Run The Jewels albums. Now, we find Killer Mike back in the director's seat with this new record "Michael", where Killer Mike dives into some deeper and more emotionally potent and ... read more

Squid - O Monolith
British people 🤝 making that good but odd punk music

O Monolith is the newest record from British post-punk band, Squid. Following a pretty enjoyable debut record with "Bright Green Field" in 2021, it only looked like Squid's career was off to a promising beginning. With this newest record, Squid continue to keep their momentum up with a set of really nice and well made art and post-punk tracks.

So, what makes this Squid record so solid in the first place? I mean, I personally ... read more

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginning of Merciless Damnation
Heavy, unfiltered, apocalyptic, and an absolute blast to listen to.

King Gizzard's first record of 2023, "PetroDragonic Apocalypse", follows the crazy album run the Australian band just last year. Following a plethora of different sounds seen in last years records, from progressive rock, psychedelic pop, krautrock, and many other sounds, the band returns to a metal sound that they've dabbled with in the past. For this record, the band takes influence from thrash metal and prog metal ... read more

While not hitting the peaks or consistency of Heroes & Villains, Metro crafts a generally solid and very enjoyable soundtrack record for the newest Spiderverse movie.

It's good to hear from Metro Boomin again so soon. Following the absolutely immense and career defining "Heroes & Villains", Metro returns about half a year later to be in the director's seat for the newest Spiderverse soundtrack. With how nicely textured Metro's production is and how much more grandiose his ... read more

billy woods & Kenny Segal - Maps
This dude just cannot miss.

Welp, look who's back to show his dominance again, none other than the illusive and esoteric billy woods. After a great run in 2022 with Aethiopes and Church, two records which I believe were both pretty strong in their own right for billy, and only further showed his absolute dominance in the current underground hip-hop scene. Now in 2023, billy returns with Maps, which also happens to be his second full length record with Kenny Segal, making for an excellent ... read more

Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!
A fun and sensual disco record with a modern edge to it.

Jessie Ware's fifth studio album, "That! Feels Good!" is the British pop star's most recent full length studio effort, following the catchy and ever so enjoyable "What's Your Pleasure?". With this record, Jessie continues to dish out very fun and sensual 80s disco revivalism tracks, with some contemporary R&B and house influences to boot as well, ultimately shaping to be a fun and fairly consistent pop ... read more

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