Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Bloodmoon: I
Nov 19, 2021
Welcome to the continuation of me trying to get into Metal! In this episode I return listening to Converge as I feel like it's a safe bet considering how great Jane Doe was. These are my thoughts on the album, what I liked, disliked and hope to see more of in detail.

On this collaboration album it starts off really song as I believe the first 3 tracks are the strongest tracks in the album. The slow, meticulative rise and growth of sound for Blood Moon is magnificent and is such a perfect introduction to Chelsea Wolve as she really shines on this track and makes it worth while to listen. Next two songs have such perfect productions and both have that fabulous growth, albeit repetitive the structure is different and instrumental passages are unique from what I've heard and none of the vocals take away from it and enhances it. Flower Moon was great, but it's the same pattern with less of an impact and does become more dull towards the end personally. Next two songs are some of my least favorite songs on the album as the foundation of what the first 3 has has been diverged into a more up tempo and rough mood that really breaks my immersion. Vocals are scuffed, not interesting from Converges side of thinks as it's pretty much waiting for Chelsea to come in. I wished they introduced Sludge Metal in a better way as I'm here in the middle album waiting for that juicy Gothic Metal to come back. Failure Forever interests me back from it's pleasant singing and makes the rough vocals less bothersome, however Scorpion Sting slows down that great progression as it's a slow mess with smooth production that really gets tiresome and the electric guitar solo can't solve the boredom that has already manifested in me. Daimon as well is boring too, vocally not even interesting as if your gonna scream at me at this point of the album it better be a great scream. Crimson Stone I really enjoyed the production a lot compared to the other few as it's a continuation of superb tracks the first 3 were with the addition of beautiful singing that I think Failure Forever was trying to do but followed their name instead. Blood Dawn I wished it was an epic and dramatic finale to the album with the connection of Crimson Stone, however it's pretty much a continuation of the previous track. I guess I enjoyed it, but I felt lied too that it was a new song as it seems like they just wanted to have 11 songs on the album not 10.

Overall this album was magnificent at times and at others it was just a hassle to go through the body of the album as it's nothing too interesting or impressive. Still a great album and recommend the first 3 tracks plus the last two songs.

Tracklist Ratings
1 Blood Moon 9/10
2 Viscera of Men 10/10
3 Coil 10/10
4 Flower Moon 7/10
5 Tongues Playing Dead 5/10
6 Lord of Liars 5/10
7 Failure Forever 7/10
8 Scorpion's Sting 6/10
9 Daimon 4/10
10 Crimson Stone 9/10
11 Blood Dawn 8/10

Overall Score: 72/100
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