Leotrix - Wild Time
May 16, 2022
Leotrix making his debut EP on Monstercat, and it's probably his messiest project yet. Not in terms of content, no, but someone somewhere screwed up the mix/master and now everything sounds like high-pitched noise. It's an EP that I feel could've been one of the best of the year if it weren't for these blatant issues. However, there's so apparent throughout the EP that it massively detracts from anyone's enjoyment of this project.

If I were to highlight any positives, I believe that the ideas presented here are really fun and fresh, all except the title track. Songs like "Heart Tones", "H3dup" and especially "FUNNYFACE" provide this sense of light-hearted fun and warm atmosphere, which this EP was pretty much centered around.

The negatives are pretty negative though. Like I said, "Wild Time" is the only song that I wasn't too fond of the idea with, but it was still decent to listen to. The mix/master throughout all 4 tracks are so poorly done you would think that this was super early Leotrix before he became as big of a name as he's become now. I can only assume this was someone at Monstercat because this issue was never apparent in his work outside the label, so this project for a lot of people was a certain miss

In conclusion, I think the ideas here are really fun and even creative for the most part, but with the apparent issues with the sound and the lack of any refined mastering afterwards really bring this EP down for me and a lot of fans, from both Leotrix and Monstercat. Hopefully if they ever decide to work together again, mistakes are learned and improved upon in the process

Least: H3dup

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