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Actress - R.I.P.
Jan 20

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Twix -
There will be no doubt in my mind that IDM & Ambient has a significant edge over most "relaxing" music genres. With so many directions to take this quiet yet affectionate style, Actress curates several fantastic tracks over the course of almost an hour. With two already great studio records under his belt, the producer improves his craft with what could be considered his best work yet.

R.I.P. is a fairly long record that justifies its length through pretty compositions and ... read more
Twix -
Looking about in the 2004 charts of RYM, I encountered this record. With this new method of finding obscure records through this website, I am continually able to discover fantastic new stuff I have never even heard of. This band is one of those examples. I do enjoy post-rock every now and then, and this LP reminded me just how good it can be.

After another long day of music discovery, I threw this into my continually growing pile of music. I listened to various snippets of the track list, ... read more
Twix -
Truly a sonical masterpiece that is absolutely deserving of a perfect score. With all the tracks being flawless and having insane replay value, you could pluck any of these pieces and they would be a highlight of the record. With a combination of mesmerizing minimalism & soaring uses of sampling, this is easily one of the best modern electronic LP's, as well as a modern classic.

Within today's modern era of instant gratification & consumption, Against All Logic (Nicolas Jaar), is able ... read more
Twix -
Wow, talk about a huge stylistic mess. Ignoring the lyrics, which could debatably be good, the sonical quality of this record is extremely questionable and at certain points downright unlistenable. With critics giving this record high ass ratings and the user score tearing it to shreds, I saw that most of the reviews were jokes, but once I listened to the whole thing, I realized the users weren't lying.

"The Nottingham duo put COVID Britain bang to rights with stunning production, great ... read more
Twix -
Kanye West's only redeemable quality as a madman was making amazing music. People thought he couldn't go lower than Ye? Those people thought wrong. Jesus Is King is the absolute definition of wasted potential and truly phoning it in. All that fans expected was an incredible gospel rap album. What we got instead, was this nightmare. A collection of poorly mixed, poorly paced, and poorly curated lyrics.

When the record first dropped, my expectations were quite high. The Sunday Service events ... read more
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I am a candy bar with music taste. Entering 2021, I am hoping for a year for music that is as good as 2020. Probably not gonna happen though.

Doing my best to write daily reviews without getting too stressed out.

I am in love with the album Melee by Dogleg, but I have trouble reviewing it since every time I play it while I write, I start headbanging like crazy and lose concentration.

Album Of The Month: e (not a joke its by ecco2k)
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