The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Jan 12, 2021
Normally, I am an typically uninteresting person with a quite average life, but this record instills purpose. Makes me feel like somebody who matters. As if I am transported to another dimension of creativity and wonder. Like a Disney World for music one could say. A considerable amount of records I listen to have the power to make me forget reality and just engage in the experience, and this record is no different.

The only way the album is able to be rated so highly in my personal list is due to the amount of times I have used it to brighten my mood. And I wouldn't just play one song. Often times I would start off by playing a favorite, like A Different Feeling, Since I Left You or Radio, but instead the whole album would just keep playing because I simply don't want it stop.

People who have criticized their next two albums have a point. I have listened to both Wildflower & We Will Always Love You an enormous amount of times, but both have their fair share of flaws. The only flaw I see with Since I Left You is that not every track is a 10. A near flawless record perhaps.

I am anything but a scholar when it comes to Electronic music and its history, however I do enjoy myself a lot of what the genre has to offer. Deadmau5, Caribou, Against All Logic, Burial, Daft Punk, Baauer, Flume, SOPHIE, and more. In terms of a musical education, I haven't really had to chance to really describe why the albums' these artists come up with are so fantastic, yet this album stands out once more. While this is The Avalanches best work for sure, (and one that might never be surpassed) this for no means says they are one hit wonders. These Australians just decided to push the genre to its boundaries, completely twisting the true meaning of plunderphonics. This record has a statement to make, like so many other artist debut's. One of truly rare moments in music history where a debut album makes such an enormous landmark. The Avalanches didn't desire to simply make a good or great album. They desired to make a classic and it shows.

From beginning to end. this group smashes all expectations. My first time with this record, my jaw was glued to the floor. Due to the astonishing level of sample wizardry on here, the music was consistently morphing, playing with new melodies, moods, and structures, and establishing a precedent. This album is going to be nothing like you have heard from before. The overflowing talent certainly overwhelmed me, but one track clicked with me. Etoh.

Personally, great music to me is the stuff that evokes the raw emotions. Tugging my heart strings, forcing me into tears, and crumbling everything down to raw joy. Music may be subjective, but no one tell me that an artist like Martin Garrix & Calvin Harris is better than these guys. With so much effort going on behind the scenes, you literally have to be ignorant to not notice the true genius of this record. Etoh satisfied my cravings. It yanked my heart strings, swayed me into tears, and turned that raw joy into raw ecstasy. Maybe I like music too much or I'm just crazy, but experiences like this are the equivalent to the huge swell of joy after successfully running a marathon. The machinery is churning on and on and on, and with this track the cycle came to a crescendo. Providing the ultimate result.

Unlike most of my favorite pieces within music, The Avalanches isn't great because of crescendos and climaxes that makes each track feel like an immense experience, it is because of how every track feels important to the listening of the record. Since I Left You (the album l o l) is like a book with 18 different chapters. One chapter could stand on its own, but together all the pieces form together into a collective whole. Every chapter has their own unique style, ranging from the soulful pop of the title track to the mind-bending plunderphonics of Frontier Psychiatrist. As mentioned from the start, this record is like a glance into another world. A much better world than the one we have knows, consisting of many high highs & a low amount of lows. If there was a soundtrack to a Utopia, this would be the first choice. An album of such blissful magnitude deserves such a service.

It has been years since I first took it upon myself to listen to the record for the first time. And it doesn't get old. The production? Perfect. The mixing? Perfect. The sampling? Perfect. One could believe that this record might be one of the best to be ever put out, and that would be a correct statement. Despite having some songs that don't hit as hard as others, but at still absolutely fantastic in their own right. That is the biggest flaw here, which is unbelievable. I have gone through all of these points before, but I cannot state it more clearly. If you are reading this, listen to this record right now. It doesn't matter if you have or have not heard this LP in the past, everyone needs this record.

Since I Left You,
I Found The World So New

S i n c e I L e f t Y o u
I F o u n d T h e W o r l d S o N e w

S I N C E I L E F T Y O u

STAND OUT TRACK: isn't it obvious :)
Jan 25, 2021
this is a really great review, love this akbum :)
Jan 25, 2021
Love this review!! :)
Jan 26, 2021
wowzers thank youse peeps
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