Sleep Token - Take Me Back to Eden
The closest an album has ever been to a 100 for me as I love every song on this album. The imagery in the music, the lyrics, the execution, and the throw backs to Sundowning are just damn near perfect to my ears.
Crown The Empire - DOGMA
Not revolutionary by any means but I thoroughly enjoyed this album. I found myself listening to it multiple times through.

Fav Songs; In Another Life, Dancing with the Dead, Immortalize

Bury Tomorrow - The Seventh Sun
This is a damn good metalcore album. Now, the question with all Metalcore albums is "does it have staying power?" I typically LOVE Metalcore albums the first month of their release and then hardly come back to them.

Fav Songs; Abandon Us, Forced Divide, Heretic

Elderbrook - Little Love
Solid slow melodic electronic. Love thus type of music when I am gaming or on a long drive.
Don Broco - Amazing Things
This album was a standout for me. Have been a fan of theirs for while and this album had it all for me. It had the fun quickly sound we all have grown to love as well as a more serious tone.

Fav Songs; Gumshield, One True Prince, Uber

Davido - Timeless
Solid album for sure. Great rhythm and feel to it. Nothing incredibly unique or special, but solid release for anyone into afrobeat.

Fav Songs; Over Dem, Kante, U (Juju)

Logic - College Park
I enjoy the old school hip hop feel and beats. Not an album I enjoy all the way through, but I do really enjoy a good portion of the songs.

Fav Songs; Clone Wars III, Shimmy, Paradise II

The Home Team - Slow Bloom
Hot damn does this not sound like The Audition?!? If you're unfamiliar, check them out. That being said, this is some very enjoyable POP punk (alternative POP rock). It's catchy and infectious as it is meant to be. I still prefer The Audition ;)

Fav Songs; Right Through Me, Slow Bloom, Danger

Invent Animate - Heavener
I never thought they would release an album I liked more than Greyview, yet here we are. It's heavy, moody, atmospheric, and down right beautiful. Music like this I get lost into. It's an experience.

Fav Songs; honestly all of them

Driveways - Into the Past
This is a great little pop punk record. Have found myself continually coming back to it.

Fav songs; Ambulances, Lions on the Beach, Fog Machine

Pridelands - Light Bends
One of my more enjoyable "under the radar" releases of 2022. Has some heavy Northlane vibes to it in the signing and ambient sounds throughout the album.

Fav Songs; The Walls. The Lake of Twisted Limbs, Heavy Tongues

Ocean Sleeper - Is It Better Feeling Nothing
Another Aussie metalcore band bringing the heat. Very solid EP that was just long enough. Enjoyed all the songs and have come back to a couple of times. Only complaint is the heavy production on the cleans.
The Veer Union - Manifestations
The first song inrealled enjoyed, the rest album was a big MEH to me. Rather generic hard rock/metal IMO. To those who enjoy it, by all means enjoy it.
Oceans - Hell Is Where The Heart Is
A solid Metal album. They honestly are a better version of Motionless in White to me as his vocals heavily remind me of Chris Motionless.

Fav songs; The Awakening, Living=Dying, Hell is Where the Heart is

Zeal and Ardor - Zeal & Ardor
Oh man, I really tried to like this as I found myself enjoying some parts. As a whole its a bit too abstract for my liking and not something I would go out of my way to turn on again outside a handful of songs.

Fav Songs; Death to the Holly, Bow, Church Burns,

Stain The Canvas - All Fine / eniF llA
Talk about a heavy BMTH influence, which isn't a bad thing. I guess my only real complaint is this sounds like something I have heard before. That being said, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Fav Songs; Stolen Youth, All These Lights Are Graves, Overload.Exe

Ten56. - Downer Part.2
I think it's really good when you are in the mode to hear a 19 minute song. Like a lot of hard core music, it can get a bit wearing. Still hits hard and brings the energy!
Heaven Shall Burn - Of Truth & Sacrifice
As a whole, the album can be a bit tiring but this is one of my favorite metal releases of 2020. As others have said, this is definitely not Metalcore.

Fav Songs; Thoughts and Prayers, Protector, My Heart and the Ocean

Point North - Brand New Vision
One of my fav Pop-Punk bands. As with about every Pop-Punk release, you listen to it for the fun aspect, not anything mind blowing musically or lyrically.

Fav Songs; Into the Dark, Heartbeat, Distant

Missio - Villain
You know what you're getting with Missio; Dark and moody alternative rock. I liked it but not as much as some of their previous work.

Fav Songs; We Are Who We Are

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