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Dirty Beaches - Drifters / Love Is The Devil
(Original Score: 60-70)
Y'know when you first hear a record and you don't quite get it, but it intrigues you enough to want to give it another listen?
Well that is what happened with this record.
And when it clicked,
it clicked HARD.

First listens are pretty rough with me, I struggle to pay attention to a lot of albums that I listen to since my adhd can be pretty haywire sometimes. When I heard this record at first, I was fascinated by its aesthetic, but I couldn't get myself to pay attention ... read more

Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
(Original Score: 50)
It's incredible how much a second listen can change my perspective on a record entirely. I just heard this once, tried to pay as much attention as I was capable of, and slapped a 50 onto it based on my own enjoyment. I was very disappointed in the second half of this record and my score reflected that. However, ~2-3 months after I had first heard it, I felt an urge to give this album another shot immediately once I got home. So I hit play, and whenever the album finished I ... read more
Can - Tago Mago
temporarily getting rid of this bc i made a video for a college class and i dont want them to think that i stole my own review 😭😭
N.O.D. - Niggaz of Destruction
Tommy Wright III has been one of the artists that I have been most addicted to as of recent, and its not hard to see why! Everything that he has put out has been very consistent and unique from one another, so much so that I would consider him my favorite artist out of the Memphis Rap scene. And if you need a reason why, just listen to this! This album is one of the most unique records that I have heard in a while, to the point where it has gotten me to want to review things again! I would ... read more


that's fair, i like it mostly for the incredibly futuristic sound design, but it's very abstract
I'm glad you started with "Filament 1" as well! Much more suitable choice for a first listen.
Some avant-garde records can be really tough to rate at first, so I completely understand. My rating for many of my favorite records used to fluctuate as it felt weird to mark such unconventional albums as my favorites. I was very worried about being judged at first.
When you revisit "Good Morning Good Night" I hope it clicks with you. Beautiful record.

I greatly appreciate your ability to admire even without enjoyment - this seems fairly rare. I'm also glad you hold off on rating some things, as I believe that to be especially important when getting into avant-garde work, since your opinions will be changing constantly and drastically.
Though it is completely fine to rate on first impression and then adjust later, which is usually what I do.

Such experimental records have a tendency of sticking around :-) I find myself coming back to them often until I find peace in their complex soundscape
Those who are new to the avant-garde music scene usually need an album to act as a catalyst for their interest. Too often do people try one singular avant-garde record, believe that the rest of that type of music will sound the same, and never check anymore of it out.
It doesn't seem people do this quite as much with other genres, such as rock or hip-hop.

I didn't care for any kind of experimental music before I heard "Good Morning Good Night" and it completely changed my perspective.
Oh wow, yeah, "Aus den sieben Tagen" would be far from my first choice as an introductory experimental album!
Anything of that extreme, really, is a terrible introduction. Always makes me sad when people choose "Good Morning Good Night" as their first Onkyo album, hate it, and then never listen to anything like it again. It is not a representation of Onkyo (which is an incredibly varied genre) at all and often considered one of the most controversial releases due to Sachiko M's approach - which is unlistenable for some.

Listening to seven hours of "Aus den sieben Tagen" twice and not pulling anything from it sounds like a nightmare lol. I'm glad you didn't give up after that, I imagine most people would. You should definitely give it another chance one day.

I'm very glad you've found appreciation for avant-garde music through AMM.
Personally I think they are a fantastic group and would work much better as an introductory experimental group than many others.
Yes :).
Might be my favorite release from AMM ever! I also really love "Before Driving to the Chapel We Took Coffee With Rick and Jennifer Reed" - bit of a mouthful... I see you have that one at a 90, awesome.
Generally, anything with Rowe or Tilbury is great! Such legendary musicians ❤️
lfgggggg an 80
oh that's sad that nobody recs u stuff, i can rec you more if u want
it's a bit hard to find but given your taste i assume you can work with soulseek right? i listened to the 1h19min version that's all condensed into 1 single track
i've been meaning to recommend you something, i think the time has come. listen to that last album i have rated. also pls vote chicago house on it so it can show up pls


GIVE ME RECS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

*a dumb teenager trying to explore the avant-garde*

i had an old account that was on here since dec. 28 2018 but i abandoned it bc i didnt like it :]

70+ = Loved!
80+ = Favorites!

Hope you enjoy my profile!! I am very excited to track how my music taste grows over time. Music is fun.

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