Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Aug 24, 2018
The album starts with one of the most cliche openers I've ever heard consisting of the try-hard dreamy lyrics and the "whoa psychedelic!!" intro in the first few seconds later followed by one of the most dated EDM drops I've heard. A lot of the tracks here were ruined by being too long and repeating itself on tracks like Taste & Also Frightened which start with some great melodies but completely wastes them by not going anywhere with them. Same thing with No More Running, Bluish & Guys Eyes but instead those melodies weren't good in the first place and sound like Panda Bear is improvising a song around his friends drunk. Daily Routine shapes up to be a standout Animal Collective track until they slow everything down, which starts as a nice change of pace but then they stretch it out to be 3 minutes and 60% of the song.

This album isn't entirely bad though, and it's possibly even a bit more enjoyable than it is tedious but only because it gets carried by two psychedelic pop powerhouses My Girls & Brother Sport which have some of the catchiest melodies they've made to date and actually progress the songs quite well. Panda Bear also actually seems lively on these tracks when on most of the other tracks the only sort of feeling you can get from his monotone singing on this album is "drunk". Lion in a Coma is also a pretty good track (the usual least favorite according to Sonemic's track rating averages) as it also really encaptures the feel of being anxious with the panicking springs in the back and Avey Tare's speedy off-tempo vocals (which is his only vocal contribution on this album if I can remember correctly).

If you put My Girls, Brother Sport, Lion in a Coma and Summertime Clothes (don't like the track much but I don't have a problem with it) in an EP, it would probably be a great release. And if some of these tracks were built on more, I would probably enjoy this album quite a bit even if In The Flowers, Guys Eyes, and No More Running have no way to be saved I would still enjoy it a pretty good amount.
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Aug 24, 2018
Hard agree
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