Boards of Canada - Geogaddi
Oct 2, 2022 (updated Dec 20, 2022)
One of the most mysterious and unique albums I've ever listened to, it's everything I love about electronic music rolled into one album.

Update: The more I'd been thinking about it over the last number of days, the more I come to realise this is actually my favourite album of all-time. No other album has ever given me a sense of dread, happiness, paranoia, sorrow, or even the urge to dance all at the same time.
This truly is a rollercoaster of many emotions, some of which are pretty dark. A 66min cinematic trip that feels like a horror film if it was just audio.

Update 2: Been having this on repeat a lot more since recommending to a lot of my friends on here and the amount of emotions Geogaddi conveys is truly something special. One track could leave me uncomfortable, the next one would make feel relaxed. I could also be frightened & then back to feeling comforted, even if that latter emotion ends up being short lived.
Then... I'm left feeling either confused / angry by the end with Magic Window, which gets hated (and for good reason, lol). But then again, when I think about it, that's probably the last emotion that the album hasn't given prior: Anger.

It wasn't easy to find this album for a cheap price, but after searching for it for weeks thanks to two tracks resonating in my mind for ages, I got it. And I was blown away by the overall experience it left me with.

Simply perfect in every way.

Trivia: you can hear this album in reverse on YouTube and there's plenty of sounds & voices you don't hear in the original, making this album freakier, but just as special to me.

Major highlights:

Music Is Math
Beware the Friendly Stranger (Salad Fingers brought me to this)
Gyroscope (thanks Sinister for making this track so well recognised)
Sunshine Recorder
Julie and Candy (one of the most chilling pieces I've heard. Gives you the sense of paranoia).
The Beach at Redpoint
Alpha and Omega
The Devil is in the Details
Over the Horizon Radar

I totally agree, this album is so unique; just as unique as Music Has the Right to Children. Julie and Candy has to be my favorite song from this, it's such a cool song. Boards of Canada is amazing!
my favorite track from this album changes like every week 😭😭😭 I love every single one of them so much (specifically Magic Window, beautiful track)
@abolhol my favourite changes from Julie and Candy to Music Is Math to Alpha and Omega. It's hard to choose an exact favourite off it, I can agree.
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