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Surrealist art pop in full artistic glory!

Magdalene is the 2nd album from English singer-songwriter FKA twigs, released in November 2019. It had been recorded tbroughout 2016-19, with a lot of the production being done by herself while having a wide range of co-producers such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Skrillex, Benny Blanco & Noah Goldstein.

Oh my... every time I go into a FKA twigs project, I'm always left breathless by the level of adventurous risks that she takes with each record and track, defying all expectations along the way. She has such a unique artistic vision that I can't even describe in simple words with how much raw beauty, passion, sensuality & boundary pushing she manages to deliver in a small amount of time.

Much like her previous album LP1, twigs incorporates art pop with elements of several genres including R&B, industrial, opera, avant-garde, hip-hop, punk rock & trap. The way its done is so impeccably crafted and everything sounds so unique in execution. Each track has a unique range that balances from heavenly to raw and fierce, but always merits a sense of beauty that sends chills down your spine.

At first, I was creeped out by the artwork and the way she appears as a decayed sculpture; the eyes were what made me uncomfortable to look at the most more than anything. But when looking deeper into this album, it feels like its representing a former self crumbling to pieces as she rebuilds herself as a person and starts from scratch.

Twigs has one of the most unique vocal ranges I've heard in my entire life, reaching this high falsetto so immaculately that it gives me visceral chills and leaves me frozen with how each high note she reaches is so enchanting on your soul, like some form of spell that's cast upon you and it guides you along into a fantastical dimension.

The direction each track goes into is so umpredictable, starting off with art pop territory before channeling so much versatility along the way, it's like a journey of vulnerability where she sounds weak to begin with before rediscovering herself and finding that strength.

The first track 'Thousand Eyes' has to be one of the most powerful openers to an album I've ever listened to, channeling a Kate Bush-esque avant-garde approach with her vulnerability on full display. It's raw and immaculate. 'Mary Magdelene' gorgeously blends trap elements amongst elegant pop sounds, thanks to co-production from Blanco & Cashmere Cat. 'Cellophane' is probably the best way to close this album with its rich, artistic sound design & twigs' sense of vulnerability fading away and her strength is fully unravelled.

Magdalene is an amazing album that showcases FKA twigs at her most fragile, and she uses that vulnerability to channel her emotions into an immaculate journey of self-discovery that's rich in gorgeous production choices & unpredictability that'll leave you in pure awe throughout.

Track Ratings
1thousand eyes / 97
2home with you / 96
3sad day / 97
4holy terrain / 94
5mary magdalene / 98
6fallen alien / 98
7mirrored heart / 97
8daybed / 93
9cellophane / 100
One of my favorite albums of all time easily, what you explained with the record perfectly encapsulates what makes this record so damn good, and what makes it an absolutely insane art pop record. Great review! :)
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