Dinosaur - You're Living All Over Me
Jan 22, 2023
Thanks to @ImpalaLT for recommending this to me a while back.

Quite a fine example of Noise Rock with a gorgeous Lo-fi aesthetic.

Being the 2nd album from Dinosaur Jr. released in December 1987, You're Living All Over Me was a refinement of the formula they introduced on their self-titled debut album from 2 years before.

The album was originally to be released under the name Dinosaur before a lawsuit forced them to change it to Dimosaur Jr.

It is regarded as being a high point of American rock in the 80s, and I can see why.

I love these ruthless riffs and grimy aesthetics throughout. Makes for good headbanging.

At the same time, I feel like this music captures a strong vibe of home-video skateboarding montages you'd picture seeing on MTV; there's a nostalgic vibe to this record that makes me feel like I remember something that I've never experienced, isn't that weird?

The vocals feel equally raw and restrained as they give the vibe of someone struggling to find meaning in their life.

Can't forget to talk about the 9th track "Poledo" as it separates itself from the Noise Rock sound of the rest of the album to dive into a more surreal, pain-streaked lo-fi track that feels like listening to an old timey record slowing down, changing the mood drastically for 5mins before unleashing the traditional noisy energy once more, leaving you with a headbanging finale to finish off with.

Honestly, there's never a dull moment to be found with this record as it has ton of energy that's chaotic but fun enough to appeal to general audience.
Noise Rock is such a fantastic genre that I need to hear more of after hearing this and Daydream Nation.

Great review :)
@ImpalaLT Thanks ;)
Definitely listen to some more Dinosaur Jr., they're an epic band!
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