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Björk - Homogenic
This was something else!

Thanks to @humm1ng_b1rd for recommending this to me, I'm sorry it took me a long time to hear it.

Homogenic is Björk's third album, released in September 1997. It was recorded throughout August 1996-97 at her home in London & El Cortijo in Spain.

This album was originally to be recorded & produced at her home in London, but it had to be halted after she survived a murder attempt by a stalker named Ricardo López, who mailed her a letter bomb rigged with sulfuric acid to her London residence. She relocated to Spain for the recording process of this album.

Homogenic... is an experience that's quite fascinating to grasp. Everything sounds so unique, abstract and surreal, like it's some sort of a fever dream where you don't really know how it'll end.

This album takes a more darker palette than Post & Debut. Being more focused on genres like trip hop, glitch & experimental, it's a less accessible apporach than her predecessors.
But at the same time, it's a fascinating exploration to a more complex musical direction than one who liked her last two albums was expecting.

The production on here is just immaculate. It can channel the lines of aggressive, vibrant, dark & hypnotic all in one fantastical journey. Instrumentally, it incorporates the likes of strings, harmonicas & accordions.

Lyrically, Björk explores similar personal topics; this would include the likes of "Immature" being about mistakes in relationships, "Unravel" is about lamenting love & "Pluto" about wanting to tear everything around you & start from the beginning.

I'm... kinda lost for words for what I just heard... Homogenic is not like anything I was prepared for. Björk takes the risks that we heard her approaching on Post & Debut, but takes them to even greater heights here, and I'm just spellbound by it all.

THIS is what you call evolving to new levels of musical boundaries to deliver something that will sound fresh & unique no matter when it was released. It's not something you just sit down to listen, it's an experience you must take in & embrace what your hearing.


Pluto is a fucking banger, great review :)
I had no fucking idea about that murder attempt, wtf?
Great review of one of my favourite albums of all time. I feel like I said the same thing under your Post review but hey, this sentence fits both of them. 100% agree on taking things to even greater heights. I absolutely love Post but Homogenic is on another level in terms of quality.
absolutely man! amazing review for an absolutely amazing album. now you HAVE to listen to "Vespertine"; that thing will seriously blow you away
Sorry I’m only seeing this now, but great review :)
You're welcome!
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