CL0WHN - The Circus Conclusion
Jan 1, 2023
I was originally planning to take today off, but after randomly stumbling upon this earlier this morning, I just couldn't resist checking this out.

Oh my lord this is soooo stupid!!

Off-sync raps & flows with some bad voice pitching & abrasive sound design that's almost too loud for my ears to handle.

However, there's a catch... this is so entertaining. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

The samples of the Disney logo, the Sonic rings sound effect, even the fuckin' Family Guy theme song lyrics... it's just golden.

As harsh as the production can be to listen to at times, it can be fun to listen to as it shows effort in how its put together.

The lyrics on this can be so crude & at times dark humoured that it literally had me in tears from laughing so hard.

Bigfest gripe I have with it is that can last too long at 76mins. As funny as it is, the length is overkill; the conclusion is just over 15mins and slightly kills the vibe.

I usually find Meme Rap annoying because it can be jarring, but there's something about this that I just enjoy, it's just so self-aware so I can forgive it.

I'm starting off 2023 on a humourous note!

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If you want another album with sprinkles of hilarity in it, I recommend you check out the album “1000 gecs.” It’s less than 30 minutes long, and the two lowest rated songs in there are the funniest
@ImpalaLT I've been meaning to hear a 100 gecs album
@UltimateLifeFrm their music is wild and crazy in a good way
@ImpalaLT I've heard some singles and yeah, they are
listen to the circus execution
@DaNaeNaeGod I will get round to it someday. If it's as funny as this, I'm sold.
hi, i made the album. thx for all the support! glad to see you like it
@CL0WHGN you're welcome. This record was such a fun listen.
Good job on the review! It definitely sounds interesting.
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