71mins of breakcore / dark ambient? Yes please!

If there's one thing I got to start off with, its the memories of playing Silent Hill 3 as a teen and those were the scariest gaming moments I've had during some nights; nothing's really topped that still.
The level of anxiety that game provides to you due to the heavy reliance on psychological horror, dark tone and dimly lit gruesome layered environments with monsters that make the sounds of worn out rust being scraped against or distorted animal noises... its everything one could look for in a horror game.

Hearing these slick breakcore beats over haunting ambient melodies brings an equal measure of chills & energy that makes it a perfect choice for Halloween rave sets.

The Silent Hill 3 theme is burned into my memory due to how ominous and lost it makes you feel as you hear it.

Not only can this feel chilling to listen, there's a variety of emotions that heavily contrast as this record goes on.
One minute it can be sense of euphoria I get that makes feel like I'm ascending to the sky... other times it feels I'm being dragged to the Otherworld (Silent Hill reference for those who aren't familiar with the games) that leaves my skin crawling.

While 71mins is a little overlong, there's enough palpable energy, clever sampling & spooky atmosphere to deliver a fun breakcore-styled rollercoaster of emotions.

Nice to see TURQUOISEDEATH & vmrrobotic being featured. Yous are all seriously talented here.

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breakers gang discord we goin up🤞 also why am i the only fucking booster. + great review always awesome to see
"slick breakcore beats over haunting ambient melodies" I'm fully invested, that sounds like the most amazing experience ever. Great review.
@VER0 wait holy shit ur bun? fuck ye breakers gang forever
@vmrrobtic lmfaoo yeah +🦅we goin big
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