Vampirblut - Ausrottung
Jan 19, 2023
It's hard to enjoy a project that never evolves.

So the concept of this album is an apocalyptic one that's just "soundscapes inspired by world annihilation"... let that sink in.

Now don't get me wrong, it sounded intriguing to me; the idea of creating sounds to inspire apocalyptic undertones is cool.
What I wish it did was actually evolve into something deeper and not rely on the same sound design for 22 minutes.

It sounds more like a lorry driving through a snow storm at night. Or planes about to depart at an airport.
If I wanted to hear the latter, I'd book a flight with Jet2 to Spain already.

You wanna create a dark atmosphere? Cool, you succeeded in that department.
But sadly Ausrottung never takes any further risks to go into some truly dark territory that it's cover suggests.

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Told you it was a waste of time
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