Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
If you had told me that the first major release of 2023 that I'd be checking out was a Psychedelic Rock album made by Lil Yachty of all people I would've just assumed that you were trolling, but believe it or not, that's just what's after happening and y'know what? It's really enjoyable!

Rappers going rock has a bit of a stained history to say the least, with efforts from artists in the past either being received negatively for being horrendous or just being fairly non-distinct and very bog ... read more

Tuv - ear candy
I like the content that he presents on youtube and his personality but my god this album is awful. Even for the first album ever made this sounds extremely generic and safe. Production is pretty terrible some beats sound like demos and are very uninspiring. Tuv does nothing with the vocals and his writing is pretty bad and bland. Also, some songs sound extremely bad that make me laugh, that as Autumn, I Hate Summer Nights (Interlude), and Tommy lee.
Avantdale Bowling Club - TREES
I loved Avantdale Bowling Club's debut album, and was curious how their most recent one sounds. I kinda had a feeling this one wasn't gonna be nearly as good, and while that's true, this is still a very solid front to end listen. I think the biggest difference between this album and their previous is that the music here is less layered and detailed in comparison, although It's still very musical. The huge jazz sound isn't as present anymore, but is still very soulful and jazzy in its own right. ... read more
My favorite albums of all time. Flawless projects. Essential parts of my life. Pure perfection. Ranking them from worst to best was hard because they are all perfect, but some are more perfect than ...
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My ranking of Miles Davis’s albums, so far. Miles Davis is an artist who I am curious in. I have heard quite a few of his albums by now and most of them are pretty enjoyable so far. I am planning ...
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If you are confused on what this is, this explains it
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