Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this community list I decided to do for fun; it's great to see how different and versatile everyone's taste in music is. This'll give me some good chances ...
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This list is usually the one I come back to every other month to update
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Where has this year went? 2022 has given us plenty of albums to scavenge through that I can't describe how much it's made me become genuinely passionate about music. So much albums, so much talent ...
Updated 1mo ago50 albumsRanked 55
Man, what a fantastic year for music. I've explored a lot of genres that I enjoy as well as found many new to artists to look out for in the coming years. I've heard so many songs that it was ...
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Again, 100 songs supposed to be featured here, but 13 are not listed: Disciples - On My Mind Jerry Folk - To My Soul Kasbo - World Away Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better The Magician, Years & ...
Updated 2mo ago91 albumsRanked 5
This has been a great year for music to be honest. So much gems to pick & choose. But I'd be lying if I didn't say there was some genuinely shitty tracks to be found, too. Here's a list ...
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