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Lana Del Rey - Candy Necklace

I need to re-do my review of the album, because the final product was extremely messy in the end, but let's talk a bit about this song in particular.

...and specifically, how the instrumental is simple yet beautifully executed, it transpires sadness and rips me apart like a sharp scythe. the instrumental is for the majority of the song, a piano ballad. pretty simple, but yet, a lot of factors makes this song effective, Lana's performance, the production, the lyrics... yet, I don't think this wouldn't be the same thing if this song wasn't heavily piano driven.

each note rips and shreds apart my feelings, like feelings of something familiar that despite me being strong enough, i still struggle overcoming completely, and I think I'll definitely never overcome it anyway. that sequence were the piano goes a bit crazy is to me the best part of the song, were the scythe slice the finishing blow and leaves me in the dark.

alongside the beautiful instrumental goes Lana's performance which as always is very nice, very sweet and to me, angelical. I just love this woman when it comes to her musical career, I mean, it's pretty obvious that I'm huge stan of her since Ultraviolence, but anyway, her performance sounds... different, much more comfortable and soothing when compared to how fucking melancholic and even chaotic the instrumental sounds.

it's like Lana's trying really hard to maintain her mental health intact but it drags her really hard to the point were she just kinda accepts her current situation. and do you know what the songs about? yeah, a complicated relationship, one that to be honest I think I know what she's talking about because of some speculation about a man she dated not that long ago.

combined with this excellent piano ballad, her performance and the lyrics, you get this beautifully crafted song about a complex and turbulent relationship which deeply after her negatively, which makes her acts restless and reckless, obsess over candy necklaces, but despite this turbulent relationship leaving her in a pretty bad mental state, she still states that he is the best, which again show how confused she is about it.

...and yeah, it took me a afternoon, a midnight and another afternoon to talk about this one, because again, this one affects me deeply too.

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