Taylor Swift - Midnights (3am Edition)
May 27, 2023
Okay, here we go. The legendary 3AM reissue.

Trying something like a 'Live Review'

Track 1. The Great War
It starts off pretty nice with 'The Great War'. A catchy pop tune that is very pleasant to listen to.

Tracks 2&3. Bigger Than The Whole Sky & Paris
Oh, I didn't even notice how the next two tracks went by, because they are so cool!
And now I'm just wondering, why all of these wasn't on the original album..

Track 4. High Infidelity
'High Infidelity' is great too! I am really surprised how this is actually more entertaining than the original album. Those deluxe tracks are better in any way. I like the songwriting quite a lot, and production is some pretty nice, minimalistic tunes that are fitting the songs perfectly.

Track 5. Glitch
THE BASS IN THE END OH MY GOD. That was also super cool! I like the creative ideas that this track brings.

Track 6. Would've, Could've, Should've
Oh my god, the production is so comforting and it fits the singing so, so well. I am enjoying this reissue more and more with each track. An amazing song overall.

Track 7. Dear Reader
It is.. fine! I mean, it is not a miss at all. A little slow track that is actually is very nice. I don't know what particullary happened here, but the production has become so much better. I just can't do anything, but admire the songs that are on there.

What do I gotta say? An amazing performance from Taylor Swift! The production is fire, the songwriting is actually interesting and the songs structures are absilutely fine! I've really loved this. xd

Favorite Tracks: Glitch, The Great War, Would've, Could've, Should've, Dear Reader, High Infidelity

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